Every season of the Netflix thriller You introduces us to a new obsession for charming serial killer Joe Goldberg.


In the fourth season of You, which is set in and around London, Joe (Penn Badgley) has a new woman in his life in the form of icy Kate (Charlotte Ritchie).

An art gallery director who knows how to handle difficult people, Kate is instantly distrustful of Joe when he begins moving among her circle of wealthy and privileged friends as he poses as a university professor.

Could Kate be the person to unravel Joe's web of lies among the new cast members of You?

Importantly, where else have we seen actress Charlotte Ritchie who portrays Kate in You season 4, before?

Who is Charlotte Ritchie?

Charlotte Ritchie is an actress who is best known for her roles in sitcoms such as Fresh Meat and Ghosts, plus her role in the BBC drama Call the Midwife.

In You season 4, Ritchie has been cast in the role of the icy leading lady, Kate.

How old is Charlotte Ritchie?

Charlotte Ritchie is 33 years old.

Ritchie was born on 29th August 1989.

What nationality is Charlotte Ritchie?

Charlotte Ritchie is English and was born in Clapham, London.

What has Charlotte Ritchie previously starred in?

Call the Midwife - Charlotte Ritchie as Nurse Barbara Hereward
Charlotte Ritchie as Nurse Barbara Hereward in Call the Midwife. BBC

Charlotte Ritchie's first major role was as Melissa "Oregon" Shawcross in the Channel 4 sitcom Fresh Meat, which ran from 2011 to 2016.

After this, Ritchie appeared in other comedies such as Siblings and Raised by Wolves.

In the hit BBC drama Call the Midwife, Ritchie appeared as Nurse Barbara Gilbert across four seasons of the show from 2015 to 2018.

Ritchie also played George opposite Mae Martin in the acclaimed Channel 4 comedy Feel Good from 2020 to 2021.

Since 2019, Ritchie has played the role of Alison Cooper in the BBC comedy Ghosts and Alison in the E4 sitcom Dead Pixels.

Prior to acting, Ritchie was part of the classical crossover group All Angels.

What has Charlotte Ritchie said about You season 4?

You season 4 Netflix
Charlotte Ritchie as Kate in You. Netflix

Speaking to RadioTimes.com last year, Ritchie described taking on the role of "icy" Kate in You as a "challenge".

She said: "I haven't found something as challenging for a really long time. Actually, I always find it difficult… it's a boring refrain that the people close to me have to hear me say – I never quite feel like I can do it.

"But particularly this one, because the character is and because the show is very glossy, and often everyone looks really good and well-dressed... all of this emphasis on that stuff."

Ritchie continued: "And my character is very well turned out and very icy, at least at the beginning... it's just not like me, that character. So it was interesting and it was challenging, I have to say."

Is Charlotte Ritchie on Instagram?

No, Charlotte Ritchie is not currently available to follow on Instagram.

Is Charlotte Ritchie on Twitter?

No, Charlotte Ritchie is not currently available to follow on Twitter.

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