With Death in Paradise spin-off Beyond Paradise almost here, the show's executive producer has been teasing the "delightful, eclectic" array of guest stars fans can expect to see across the season.


Fans of Death in Paradise will of course be used to seeing famous faces pop up as both suspects and victims in the weekly mysteries, and it seems that is set to be the same with the Kris Marshall-fronted spin-off, with the likes of Samantha Spiro, Jade Harrison and Davood Ghadami all having been announced.

Speaking at a recent Q&A for the series, executive producer Tim Key spoke about some of the guest stars in season 1, saying: "We’ve got Jamie Bamber, he joins us on a recurring basis, and Chris [Jenks] as well. And we've got a really lovely, delightful, eclectic array of guest stars all the way through the series and I think that's part of the flavour of the show, like it is in Death in Paradise."

Ruth Madoc in Beyond Paradise
Ruth Madoc as Rosie Colbert in Beyond Paradise. BBC / Red Planet Pictures

He continued: "We worked with Ruth Madoc in what turned out to be her last appearance, which we obviously were devastated when we heard that she passed away. It was a privilege to work with her. Everybody that got to spend time with her said what an absolute joy she was and how happy she was to be doing the gig. So we're very proud that we got to work with her.

"And I think Phil Daniels playing a kind of grizzly boatman is something that everyone's been waiting to see, with the most incredible name, Marvellous Harris. That’s a good name isn’t it? So yeah, we've got a lot of really, really lovely guest stars all the way through the series."

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Beyond this commonality between Death in Paradise and the new series, it seems there are a number of other links set to be drawn throughout the run.

Kris Marshall has already teased that there might be a "new Harry the lizard" for the spin-off "who's not called Harry, and isn't a lizard!"

Meanwhile Tony Jordan, writer for Beyond Paradise, has also teased that the show will put a spin on the end reveals of the original show.

"At the end of the crime story in Death in Paradise, the detective gathers all the suspects together and explains what happened and who the guilty party is in an Agatha Christie fashion," he said.

"We knew we couldn’t do the same thing on Beyond Paradise. We had to find something as distinct, but different."

Beyond Paradise will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Friday 24th February. Classic episodes of Death in Paradise are available to watch on BBC iPlayer and on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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