The cast of Lost: where are they now?

It's throwback Thursday, so here's what's become of Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly and the rest of the cast...

We’re travelling through time to see where some of the stranded islanders are now…


Matthew Fox

One of the more familiar faces of the cast, Fox was well known before his role in Lost for playing Charlie in long-running TV series Party of Five. In Lost we knew Fox as group leader Jack Shephard, who quickly develops a crush on fellow castaway Kate. His character was initially supposed to die in the pilot, however upon meeting Fox producers, it was decided he would play a leading role. Since the end of Lost he has appeared in many films, including Vantage Point, World War Z and as villain Picasso in 2012 thriller Alex Cross. Fox had to lose 44 pounds for the role, and later admitted he could hardly recognise himself onscreen. He has just finished filming a new post-apocalyptic drama called Extinction. 

Michelle Rodriguez

Rodriguez starred as tough cop Ana Lucia Cortez, a survivor from the tail section of the plane who causes a stir when the two groups meet in the second series. Since her Lost days, Rodriguez has gone on to star in blockbusters such as Avatar and Battle: Los Angeles, and recently reprised her role as Letty in the latest film in The Fast and Furious franchise, Furious 7.

Josh Holloway

Josh played the deceptive conman Sawyer back in the days of Lost, known for being sarcastic and a flirt with many of the female characters. Ten years on and Holloway has starred in the films Paranoia, Sabotage and ABC series Intelligence, where he played Gabriel Vaughn (an ex–Delta Force operator with access to the global information grid). It won’t be getting a second season, but Holloway is already working on a new project: ten-part thriller Colony.

Yunjin Kim

Yunjim played Sun Kwon, a shy passenger on the flight who survives the crash with her husband, Jin. She can now be seen on the ABC Studios series Mistresses as Karen Kim – a successful psychiatrist who falls in love with her ill and dying patient.

Emilie de Ravin

Emilie played Claire, a young Australian girl who was pregnant when the plane crashed. A friend to many on the island, her character faced a trouble or two along the way. Emilie went on to star opposite Robert Pattison in Remember Me, a rom-com set in New York. She now stars as Belle in ABC Studios Once Upon a Time, a show set in the fictional town of Storybrooke, whose residents are actually characters from fairytales. In a nod to Lost, when time stops in Storybrooke, the clocks pause on 8:15… sound familiar?

Jorge Garcia

Jorge is probably best known as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, a fast-food restaurant worker who wins the lottery and ends up on Flight 815. Initially Hurley provides the comic relief for the islanders; however towards the end of the series, he takes over from Jack as protector of the group and begins to be taken more seriously. Jorge has also moved on to star in ABC Studios Once upon a Time as the Giant, as well as taking on a role as Jerry in Hawaii Five-0.

Ian Somerhalder

Somerhalder’s character Boone Carlyle was known for his protectiveness over the group, particularly that of his step-sister and fellow crash survivor Shannon. Since his time on the Lost island, Somerhalder has gone on to star in the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries, playing lead antagonist Damon Salvatore. 

Naveen Andrews

Naveen played Iraqi communications officer Sayid Jarrah in Lost. His leadership and survival instinct often saved the lives of the islanders throughout the series. Naveen has now gone to star in Once upon a Time spin-off Once upon a Time in Wonderland, where he played Jafar. He also played one of the leading roles as Dr Hasnat Khan in biopic Diana, which documented the last two years of the Princess of Wales’ life but was panned by critics.

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline was known for her bad girl role in Lost as Kate Austin, as well as her off-screen romance with co-star Dominic Monaghan. Her character was no stranger to a bit of on-screen flirtation either, especially with lead characters Jack and Sawyer. She has since moved onto a wide range of roles including appearances in The Hurt Locker and Disney’s Reel Steel alongside Hugh Jackman. Most recently Evangeline played elf Tauriel in The Hobbit trilogy. She can next be seen in super hero movie Ant-Man.

Malcolm David Kelley

Malcolm joined the cast at the young age of twelve, playing Walt, a boy who is taken into the custody of his estranged father and fellow castaway Michael Lloyd after his mother dies. Following his time on Lost, Malcolm appeared in various television series, including a recurring role on Saving Grace, but he has also enjoyed a career as a musician, forming pop group MKTO in 2012. Their single “Classic” reached number 24 in the UK Top 40. 

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth played Sawyer’s girlfriend Juliet Burke, a doctor amongst the group of mysterious “others” on the island. Elizabeth moved on to appear in many other TV dramas including: Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit, Revolution and also joined some of her fellow Lost co-stars in ABC Studios Once Upon A Time, playing the Ice Queen. She was most recently seen in international crime drama Crossing Lines.

Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel joined the Lost cast in series one as Jin Kwon, the overprotective husband of Sun. Initially a disliked character, he begins to integrate himself into the group as the series continued, learning English from the other survivors. Shortly after Lost came to an end, it was revealed that Daniel had been cast in the Hawaii Five-0 reboot playing Chin-Ho Kelley. He recently appeared in the movie Insurgent alongside Kate Winslet.

Dominic Monaghan

Monaghan rocketed into the limelight when he played Meriadock Brandybuck in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In Lost, he played Charlie Pace, a washed up musician with a heroin addiction, who developed close friendships with other survivors Claire and Hurley. You might also recognise Dominic from Eminem’s 2010 music video for Love the Way You Lie, where he stars opposite Megan Fox as a couple in an abusive relationship. He is due to star in the upcoming adaptation of children’s novel Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism, alongside Emily Watson and Joan Collins. 

Tania Raymonde

Tania joined the Lost cast in the third series as Alex Rousseau, the adoptive daughter of a member of the Others who had grown up on the island. Since Lost, Tania has starred in 2013 horror Texas Chainsaw 3D as Nikki, ABC Family’s Switched at Birth as Zarra and appeared as Raj’s love interest Yvette in The Big Bang Theory. 


And what about the rest? Maggie Grace, who played Shannon, the shallow step-sister of Boone, has gone on to enjoy fame in the Taken franchise, playing Liam Neeson’s daughter. Harold Perrineau, who played the controversial character of Michael, starred in 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty and 2014’s Sabotage. Michael Emerson won an Emmy for his role as the sinister Ben Linus and can currently be seen playing Harold Finch in crime series Person of Interest while Terry O’Quinn, who played the mysterious John Locke, has joined his fellow Lost cast-mates in the reboot of Hawaii Five-0.

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