13 tweets that perfectly sum up the reaction to Netflix’s Jessica Jones

Binge, sleep, NO SPOILERS, binge, brilliant

1. You’ve waited for months, but now it’s time to concentrate. Jessica Jones has landed.

2. It’s barely started, but already you know something very wicked this way comes: David Tennant.

3. Although, because you’re watching so carefully, you pick out every tiny detail – yes, even this mistake.

4. One episode in, everyone is hooked.

5. Well, almost everyone.

6. Now, the dilemma – should you watch another?

7. Stupid question.

8. Dare you take a break?

9. Remember, not everyone can spend the whole time bingeing.

10. Seriously, no spoilers.

11. Meanwhile, someone, somewhere has already started pulling together that ‘Life Lessons from Jessica Jones’ blog.

12. Episode seven already??

13. “Sleep no more. Kilgrave does murder sleep.”