Sherlock Victorian special to air at Christmas and will be screened in cinemas across the world

Steven Moffat drops some major Sherlock news at San Diego Comic Con, including the cryptic clue of "ghosts"...

As deduced by many fans, Sherlock will return this Christmas for a one-off Victorian special.


Appearing at San Diego Comic Con, Steven Moffat, alongside producer Sue Vertue and actor Rupert Graves, confirmed the news, adding that the episode will also be screened in selected cinemas worldwide. Specific details are yet to be announced.

The Christmas episode will set Sherlock and Watson in the Victorian era of their source material, the books of Arthur Conan Doyle. A change, of course, from the modern day London antics that fans are used to. 

Speaking of the shift, Moffat joked: “The first question when we were filming the Victorian special was ‘How can Sherlock get on without his iPhone?”

A bit more seriously, he went on to say: “We’re taking the characters you know and putting them in that original setting. It’s still the same sense of humour, it’s very much the show you know – but in the correct era. 

He then introduced a clip from the special, which is full of meta nods to the original books. 

Teasing the story, Moffat said the clue is “Ghosts,” before quipping, “Surely you can deconstruct the whole thing from that?”

Another detail to emerge is that the special will definitely include fan-favourite Molly. 

“How we break our female characters into that era became quite central to the story,” says Moffat. 

Meanwhile, in the most sensational news of all, Rupert Graves revealed that his copper character, Lestrade, will also be getting a Victorian makeover.

“It’s a fantastic script, gushed Graves. “I was absolutely thrilled when I read it. I’ve put two hedges on my cheeks. Two Victorian chops!”


He means sideburns – we think.