The Broadchurch Oscars

From Best Waterworks to the Ultimate Cliffhanger, we honour Broadchurch's most memorable performances

Best Actor Eddie Redmayne was one of the few British winners at last night’s Oscars but with Broadchurch series two drawing to a dramatic conclusion, there are a few more chances for British awards glory.


Yes, it’s time for the first annual Broadchurch Oscars, or #Broscars to those in the know…

Best Waterworks

Male – David Tennant

They say a good actor can cry on demand but David Tennant takes instant waterworks to a whole new level by leaking buckets from up his sleeve…

Whether he’s sitting on the stoop outside his humble abode or inexplicably taking a little lie down on the colossal cliffs, Tennant can turn that tap on with little or no effort. Bravo.

Female – Olivia Colman

She’s got the sleuthing and the sass down to a fine art but Olivia Colman’s Ellie Miller has the crying game sewn up too.

Nobody knows how to weep like this formidably feisty woman, who certainly won’t call on anyone to comfort her in her hour of need.

Best Temper Tantrum

She began life as the meek and mild Claire, hiding out from her allegedly murderous man Lee Ashworth (James D’Arcy), but was soon tearing up the scenery – quite literally.

The minute Alec Hardy told her he was washing his hands of her lying ways she lost the plot and totally trashed the kitchen – in style.

Best Smouldering Stare

A decent staring-into-the-middle-distance face is clearly a prerequisite for any Broadchurch actor but being able to do it while upping the temperature on televisions across the nation is no mean feat.

That’s why James D’Arcy’s Lee Ashworth gets a category and an award of his own. Who cares if he’s guilty or not, the man really knows how to look down the lens of a camera.

Best Menacing Glare

Watch an old episode of Emmerdale or Birds of a Feather and you’ll probably think Pauline Quirke is one of the funniest, friendliest women on TV – spend five seconds watching her play Broadchurch’s Susan Wright and you’ll see her in a totally different, really quite terrifying, light.

Let’s put it this way, we wouldn’t like to be caught playing video games in her caravan…

Best Fight

Claire Ripley and Lee Ashworth have quite the tumultuous relationship: if they’re not at it, they’re at each other’s throats.

There’s nothing funny about domestic abuse but their fully charged fisticuffs amid the foaming waves deserve the nod for the best Broadchurch showdown. Even if Ellie Miller laying into her child-killer husband is up there too.

Best Kiss

The minute that prickly Jocelyn mentioned she’d missed her moment with someone special our ears pricked up. Who on earth could melt that melancholy legal eagle’s heart, we wondered.

Well, actually, we had a pretty good idea: it had to be local newspaper mogul Maggie, surely? Hence the joyous celebration when the pair got their happily ever after.

Best Ultimatum

Poor Beth Latimer really has been through the mill (thanks to a Miller, funnily enough) over the past two series so when husband Mark publicly dropped a bit of a bombshell about their marriage in open court it was the final straw.

Beth’s “tell me everything or piss off” was one of the best one-liners in Broadchurch history.

Best Tough Love

Tom Miller is one stubborn pre-teen so it was always going to take something special to bring him back home to live with his mum.

Enter Olivia Colman with one of the finest talking-tos a mother ever gave her son…

Best Cliffhanger

If there’s one thing the Broadchurch locals love it’s a good stare from the top of those infamous cliffs. They’ve all been up there looking out into the middle distance at some point.

Thus it’s only fitting that the most important award is shared among them all.

The series finale of Broadchurch season two airs on ITV tonight, Monday 23rd February, at 9pm

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