To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sex and the City, is officially naming the show's best boyfriend.


We gave you, the fans, the final say, asking you to vote for your favourite from a shortlist of 13 of the show's most prominent and narratively important partners to the four leading ladies.

Impossible to deny, of course, is the influence of Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) two big loves: John James Preston (Chris Noth) and Aidan Shaw (John Corbett).

But what about Miranda's early series flings – Skipper (Ben Weber), anyone? Dr Robert Leeds (Blair Underwood)?

Then there are the oft talked-about favourites among fans: the lovely Steve (David Eigenberg), Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler) and Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis).

Plus we included pivotal partners like Trey MacDougal (Kyle MacLachlan), Richard Wright (James Remar), Jack Berger (Ron Livingston) and Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov).

And, to give Samantha's colourful romantic history its dues, options also featured James (James Goodwin) and Maria (Sônia Braga) – who yes, isn't a boyfriend, but is one of Samantha's most significant partners among a sea of men.

Over 4,000 of you voted and, while it was a close call between first and second place, we have a winner: Harry Goldenblatt is Sex and the City's best boyfriend.

Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler) getting married in Sex and the City
Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler). HBO

The wonderful Harry took 22 per cent of the votes, with the soon-to-return Aidan coming in second with 21 per cent.

Meanwhile, Mr Big got 17 per cent, Steve 14 per cent and Smith 13 per cent.

The full breakdown of the results is as follows:

  1. Harry Goldenblatt 22 per cent
  2. Aidan Shaw 21 per cent
  3. Mr Big 17 per cent
  4. Steve Brady 14 per cent
  5. Smith Jerrod 13 per cent
  6. Maria Diega Reyes three per cent
  7. Dr Robert Leeds three per cent
  8. Jack Berger two per cent
  9. Aleksandr Petrovsky two per cent
  10. Trey MacDougal one per cent
  11. Richard Wright one per cent
  12. Skipper Johnston one per cent
  13. James Goodwin one per cent

Harry first meets future wife Charlotte (Kristin Davis) in season 5 after the breakdown of her marriage to Trey.

Despite the fact she picks him as her divorce lawyer for precisely the reason that she isn't attracted to him, Charlotte ends up falling for Harry's kind, sweet nature and his sense of humour.

The pair go on to marry (after Charlotte has converted to Judaism), adopt their first child, Lily, and later welcome their second, Rose/Rock.

When we catch up with the York-Goldenblatts in And Just Like That, they're still going strong, with Harry and Charlotte's romance still adorably clear.

And Just Like That... returns to Sky Comedy and NOW in the UK on the 22nd June and airs on HBO Max in the US – find out more about how to sign up for Sky TV. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide.


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