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How to watch Sex and the City - what’s it about and who’s in the cast?

Find out where to watch and stream Sex and the City, if Sex and the City is on Netflix as well as your guide to the cast and what the series is about.

Sex and the City

The recent announcement that Sex and the City is set to get a revival on streaming service HBO Max came as great news for fans of Carrie Bradshaw and co. – and will no doubt see lots of viewers returning to the original series for a timely refresh.


Running from 1998 until 2004 – with two films subsequently released in 2008 and 2010 – the series was a smash hit during its run, earning 54 Emmy nominations and a fiercely devoted fanbase.

The series follows the lives of four single women as they deal with relationships, jobs, children, fashion, and – of course – sex in New York City.

The show captures key issues in young women's lives and discusses them openly alongside the glamorous New York lifestyle of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends as they mature, to varying degrees, over the franchise's run.

And if you're wondering how to watch the upcoming revival, check out how to watch Sex and the City: And Just Like That.

Where to watch Sex and the City

You can't watch Sex and the City on Netflix - except the second film, Sex and the City 2, which is available buy you can buy and stream on iTunes and NOW TV. Alternatively, you could buy the complete series from Amazon on DVD.

As for those in America, the full series and both movies are available on HBO Max.

What is Sex and the City about?

Carrie Bradshaw writes a weekly column for the New York Star about the sex lives of women in New York City, and the show explores the dating stories - Carrie's research - that she hears from her three best friends, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

Samantha is a proud, successful woman who refuses to be tied down by just one man, whilst Charlotte wants nothing more than to find true love and get married. Miranda is a career-focused lawyer and would often rather spend time with her cat Fatty than go on dates, but nevertheless has her fair share of relationship drama and inspires many of Carrie's columns.

Sex and the City - Carrie

Carrie in Sex and the City

Although these four women have very different life aspirations, they all share the common experience of dealing with the (often quite immature) behaviour of the men they date in New York City. The show presents an unapologetically female viewpoint, where most male characters are disposable, and even Carrie's main love interest Mr Big doesn't get a name until the very last episode of the series.

It's also one of the few television shows where many episodes wouldn't pass the Bechdel test in reverse, because they don't have a single scene in which two named men talk to each other about something besides a woman.

The drama of the show is framed exquisitely in designer clothes and shoes that are specifically chosen to complement the character of each of the women - Carrie's true love is really fashion, in particular, her numerous pairs of Manolo Blahniks that she talks about almost as much as her elusive love interest Mr Big.

How many seasons of Sex and the City are there?

In its original run, there were six seasons of Sex and the City and 94 episodes – in addition to the two movies.

And we now know that there are more episodes to come, following the news that a revived series titled Sex and the City: And Just Like That was in the works, with Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis all reprising their roles.

Who's in the cast of Sex and the City?

The main cast of Sex and the City

The main cast of Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw is famously played by Sarah Jessica Parker, who received two Emmys and four Golden Globe Awards for her work on the show. She now runs her own production company, called Pretty Matches.

Lawyer Miranda Hobbs is played by Cynthia Nixon, and in what feels like a classic Miranda move, Nixon announced in 2018 that she would be campaigning for Governor of New York. Although the switch from acting to politics came as a surprise to many fans of SATC, Nixon has actually been an activist for some time, having spent the last 17 years travelling around the country campaigning for women's and LGBTQ rights.

Charlotte York is played by Kristin Davis, and made her West End debut as Beth Gallagher in the 2014 stage production of Fatal Attraction at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Samantha Jones was played by Kim Cattrall, who also won a Golden Globe for her work on the show. Recently she served as an executive producer on Canadian show Sensitive Skin, and recently appeared in the Horrible Histories movie. Although the other three main stars are all returning for the revival, Cattrall will not be reprising her role.

Where was Sex and the City filmed?

The show was set and filmed in and around Manhattan, and you can actually visit the steps where Carrie made her life-changing decisions (with a Cosmopolitan close at hand) with her friends at 66 Perry Street in West Village, Lower Manhattan. But don't plan on getting a picture on the steps themselves - so many fans have tried that the house's current owners have put up 'no trespassing' signs!

When did Sex and the City start?

The show was first broadcast in 1998, and its original run continued until 2004. The most recent instalment in the franchise, the big-screen outing Sex and the City 2, came out in 2010 – but a revived series is now on the way.

Who wrote Sex and the City?

The book that the series was based on was written by Candace Bushnell, but the TV series itself was written by Darren Star.

How many Sex and the City movies are there?

There are two Sex and the City movies, the first of which was more successful than the second.

In Sex and the City the movie, Carrie and Big are finally set to get married, Miranda and Charlotte are enjoying family life, and Samantha has moved to Los Angeles to be close to her partner Smith. But as everything starts to unravel, the four friends realise that despite living separate lives, they need each other's support more than ever.

In Sex and the City 2, Samantha's job allows her to fly all four women out to Abu Dhabi where they experience the incredible luxury of the 'New Middle East' from the comfort of their five-star hotel. However, as time goes on, the New York women experience a huge culture clash with the more traditional aspects of Abu Dhabi and bump into an old friend, which gets the four friends into big trouble.


You can buy the full Sex and the City box set on Amazon now. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide.


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