Brace yourselves, Ghosts fans. Co-star Kiell Smith-Bynoe has opened up about the "sad" finale to the hit sitcom, which arrives on BBC One and iPlayer later this year.


The series follows husband-and-wife duo Mike (Smith-Bynoe) and Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) after they unexpectedly become co-owners of the grand Button House, which is home to a group of eccentric ghosts who died on the grounds.

During an exclusive conversation with for The Big RT Interview, Smith-Bynoe recalled filming the upcoming finale and offered some clues as to what the last ever episode has in store.

"We don’t film chronologically," he began. "So we didn't film the last scene on the last day, for example – thankfully, or we would have all had breakdowns. But it was still really emotional and it was very sad."

Smith-Bynoe continued: "There were a lot of tears that day and there will be even more tears when you see the episodes, because it is sad. But, I mean, Ghosts does that incredibly well.

"It makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you think – and also think about how silly it is as well. I think this is probably one of the best shows for that."

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Ghosts season 5 was publicly announced as the final chapter just last month, but Smith-Bynoe revealed that the decision to end the show was actually made two years ago.

When asked about how the sitcom ends, the actor was careful to avoid spoiling things, but gave one intriguing hint: "What I will say is that it’s very final. That’s probably the best I can do without ruining it completely."

The synopsis for Ghosts season 5 mentioned that Mike and Alison would be considering a "new chapter", which could very well be what brings the story to its conclusion.

Smith-Bynoe is currently starring on Sky Atlantic and NOW's comedy-drama Dreamland, while he can also be seen on Channel 4's eccentric game show Taskmaster.

Ghosts is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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