If you're looking for a streaming service but don't want to pay for it then Amazon's Freevee is the answer. The streaming service has hundreds of films and series ready to watch at the click of a button and, like other Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD) services, shows adverts to viewers to generate money.


While you might hate the idea of watching adverts during a gripping series, Frevee promises to show around half the amount of ads as a traditional TV show, which isn’t bad at all. Last year, Frevee became the talk of the town after it was announced they had saved the iconic Australian soap Neighbours.

It's not just Neighbours that Frevee gives you access to but thousands of films and hundreds of series. From blockbuster movies such as Hacksaw Ridge and Kill Bill to hit series like Hell's Kitchen and Jury Duty.

Like with all services, you'll want to know if it’s worth your time before you try it out, so we’re here to tell you what exactly Freevee is and if it's worth signing up for. For those of you who are already convinced then Frevee is completely free to use and watch, you just need to sign up for an Amazon account.

For those who have an Amazon Prime Video membership, you don't actually need to sign up as the app comes as standard with your membership. If you don't have an Amazon Prime Video Account you can sign up for your free 30-day trial and then pay £8.99 a month for access to Frevee as well as thousands more hours of content.

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Sign up for a 30-day free Amazon Prime Video trial

What is Freevee?

Hacksaw ridge
Hacksaw Ridge is available to watch on Freevee.

What is Freevee and how does it work? The short answer is: Freevee is a free streaming service from Amazon which comes with adverts. It’s currently available in the UK, US, Germany and Austria.

As streaming services up their prices, Amazon hopes people will consider Freevee as it (like it says in the title) is free. You just need a free-to-use Amazon account to watch Frevee.

Sign up to watch Freevee with 30-day free Amazon Prime Video trial

What shows to watch on Amazon Freevee

The Mad Men series is available to watch on Freevee
The Mad Men series is available to watch on Freevee.

With over 3000 films and 450 TV series, you’ll be spoilt for choice with options on Freevee. You can enjoy movies like Donnie Darko and the films from the Scream franchise as well as series like Mad Men and Parks and Recreation.

Plus, Freevee produces its own original content, aptly named Freevee Originals. These originals include the spy thriller series Alex Rider and the crime programme Bosch.

Unlike some free ad-supported video-on-demand services, Freevee lets you watch the entire catalogue of available TV shows. Peacock, for example, is an AVOD service that offers shows like The Office and The Good Place, however, you can’t watch every episode. You don’t have that problem with Freevee; you can binge-watch the entire six seasons of Person of Interest if you want to!

With Freevee, you won't get the same extensive catalogue in comparison to if you paid for a subscription service, but that’s to be expected, it’s free.

Sign up to watch Freevee with 30-day free Amazon Prime Video trial

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How to get Freevee on Amazon Prime Video in the UK

Fire Stick 4K Max

How can you watch Freevee? You can install Freevee on Amazon devices like the Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon tablets, as well as on third-party devices, such as the Roku Streambar, LG and Samsung smart TVs, as well as some PS5 and Xbox X Series consoles.

Do you need an Amazon account to watch Freevee? You do, and if you have an Amazon Prime Video account, it's even better, as Freevee will already be available.

Those of you using an Amazon Fire Stick will find that Freevee comes pre-installed on the device, with no option to remove it. You can access Freevee directly through the home screen and it should be easy to spot, too, as it’s a bright yellow icon.

Viewers using a third-party device, such as a Roku Streambar can find Freevee in the Google Play Store. You can also download the Freevee app on your iOS or Android device.

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Is Freevee free?

Freevee is completely free. You don’t need an Amazon Prime Video subscription, despite it being an Amazon service, however, you will need an Amazon account. Freevee is free to install, too, and is downloaded automatically if you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Sign up for a 30-day free Amazon Prime Video trial


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