Apple announced yesterday that the iPod Touch — the last surviving device in the iPod range — will be discontinued. The US tech giant will keep selling them while stocks last, but no more iPods will be produced. The pocketable devices have entertained listeners for years, paving the way for the best iPhones made by Apple today. Now, this could be your last chance to bag one of these truly iconic pieces of tech.


The first iPod hit shelves back in 2001, offering a portable music experience with all the hallmarks of the sleek user experiences we expect from Apple products today. Originally existing as completely offline devices, the newest iPod touches now have many of the capabilities of a smartphone, but can't be equipped with a SIM card. They share many of the design queues of the iPhone SE and iPhone 13, but lack their diverse array of added features — and their heftier price tag!

The iPod has appeared in many different iterations since its beginnings in 2001, in a variety of shapes and sizes. The large iPod Classic gave way to more sleek and slim designs, the iPod Nano and the minuscule iPod Shuffle, before the touch screen iPod Touch arrived. The iPod Touch landed in 2007, the same year as the first iPhone.

Now, unfortunately for iPod fans, many users see the devices as redundant. With most users seamlessly streaming audio from a wide variety of providers like Audible, Apple Podcasts and Spotify on their phones — the iPod hasn't really been called for. It's still an iconic piece of tech though and helped shape the smartphones we see today, with its gradual evolution from small screen offline use to touch screen displays and online streaming.

It's these changes in the market though that have brought the iPod's lifespan to a — probably timely — end.

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If you're looking to own a piece or tech history, dig into some nostalgia for years gone by, or grab a device that offers a good offline listening experience, then an iPod Touch could still be a great fit. Right now, it could be your last chance to get one.

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It's worth bearing in mind though that you can now pick up a phone that is more multifunctional for the same money. Currently, our favourite budget smartphone is the Honor X8. It costs just £219.99 and can offer a great music listening experience when paired with some wireless earbuds. These too can now be picked up cheaply, for around £20.

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