When Genshin Impact dropped back in 2020, it was a lifeline to many of us. Lockdown kept us indoors with little cash in our wallets, so a happy and colourful free-to-play game seemed just what the proverbial doctor would order.


Three years later, the same team - HoYoverse - have announced yet another free-to-play game that looks just as colourful, with a very similar art style.

The setting isn't quite as cheerful, though: Instead of a fantasy, Zenless Zone Zero it set in a post-apocalyptic urban world.

It was announced in May last year, and since then we've discovered a bit more about this enigmatic new world. Scroll down and find out all we know.

When is the Zenless Zone Zero release date?

While it was released over a year ago, we still don't have an exact release date. We can only speculate.

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Closed beta tests known as Tuning Tests were held in August 2022. As it's been a whole year since then, we can only hope that Zenless Zone Zero is in its final stages.

Can I pre-order Zenless Zone Zero?

The recruitment for the closed beta tests for Zenless Zone Zero ended on the 27th July last year, so we're afraid that ship has sailed.

Unfortunately the game isn't on Steam yet, or any other store for that matter. As soon as anything changes, we'll update this page.

Which consoles and platforms can play Zenless Zone Zero?

So far, we know that Zenless Zone Zero will release on Steam, iOS, and Android.

As Genshin Impact also released on PlayStation, however, we'd bet good money that Zenless Zone Zero will too. Time will tell, and we'll let you know here if anything surfaces!

Zenless Zone Zero gameplay and story details

Unlike previous HoYoverse titles, Zenless Zone Zero looks like it'll be implementing roguelike elements. This replaces the the open-world structure of Genshin.

However, the combat looks very similar it its 2020 spiritual predecessor, so at least fans will be familiar with the nitty gritties.

The whole gameplay loop seems to centre around jumping into mysterious holes in the ground, and defeating the monsters within...

Which brings us to the story: Set in a post-apocalyptic world in which most of humanity has been wiped out, the plot takes place in the city of New Eridu. The aforementioned holes in the ground that our protagonists will explore are called "Hollows", and it's a safe bet that they have something to do with the apocalypse.

Is there a Zenless Zone Zero trailer?

There is indeed a trailer! You can check it out below, and experience the wacky visuals for yourself:

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