One of the most exciting things to witness as a football fan is a player tearing down the flanks, racing past the opposition and terrorising defences with sick skills and killer crosses. And if you're looking to add a bit of that flair to your FIFA 22 Career Mode team, you'll want to know who the best wingers are in the game.


Whether you're looking for an RM, LM, RW or LW to bolster your FIFA 22 Career Mode squad, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. There are loads of right-wingers and left-wingers who could do a fine job in your midfield, but who are the very best of the bunch? And who is the fastest winger in the game?

We've also got guides about the best young players and the best cheap players in FIFA 22. But if you're willing to spend the big bucks on the very best wingers around, keep on reading for all the key details. We've crunched all the numbers for you, and you can read the results below!

Who are the fastest wingers in FIFA 22 Career Mode?

Before we get into the overall ratings, it's worth taking a moment to talk about the fastest wingers in FIFA 22 Career Mode. After all, a high pace stat is arguably the most important trait you need from a player if you're wanting them to bomb it down flanks for you.

We've pulled together a little list of players that have really high pace stats, even though their overall rating might stop them from appearing in any 'best of' lists. If it's pure pace that you're after, these are some very speedy wingers that would do a fine job for your Career Mode team:

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  • Adama Traore - RW, pace 96, overall 78, potential 81, age 25, price £16.5 million
  • Vinicius Jr - LW, pace 95, overall 80, potential 90, age 21, price £52 million
  • Frank Acheampong - LW, pace 94, overall 77, potential 77, age 27, price £10 million
  • Ismaila Sarr - RW, pace 94, overall 78, potential 86, age 23, price £28 million
  • Moussa Diaby - LW, pace 94, overall 81, potential 88, age 22, price £47 million

We'd also recommend the 19-year-old Jeremy Doku, who has a pace rating of 92 and an overall rating of 77. His potential rating is 87, and his valuation at the start of the game is £20.5 million. A very tidy investment.

Jeremy Doku has blistering pace from the start in FIFA 22.
Jeremy Doku has blistering pace from the start in FIFA 22. Getty

Best RM in FIFA 22 Career Mode

If it's a traditional right-midfielder that you're looking for, FIFA 22 Career Mode has no shortage of talented players for you to consider buying. If you're planning to buy an RM, then, these are the biggest and best players you should think about making an offer for:

  • Jadon Sancho - overall 87, potential 91, pace 81, age 21, price £104.5 million
  • Serge Gnabry - overall 85, potential 86, pace 83, age 26, price £57 million
  • Leroy Sane - overall 84, potential 87, pace 90, age 25, price £50 million
  • Leon Bailey - overall 82, potential 86, pace 93, age 24, price £39.5 million
  • Raphinha - overall 82, potential 87, pace 91, age 24, price £41.5 million
  • Rafa - overall 82, potential 82, pace 94, age 28, price £27.5 million

Best LM in FIFA 22 Career Mode

FIFA 22 has its fair share of talented LM players, too, with some of the world's best players adopting this position at the moment. Get one of these in your Career Mode team, and your left flank will become a force to be reckoned with:

  • Heung Min Son - overall 89, potential 89, pace 88, age 29, price £91 million
  • Kingsley Coman - overall 86, potential 87, pace 93, age 25, price £73 million
  • Marcus Rashford - overall 85, potential 89, pace 90, age 23, price £69.5 million
  • Yannick Carrasco - overall 84, potential 84, pace 88, age 27, price £40.5 million
  • Filip Kostic - overall 84, potential 84, pace 88, age 28, price £38 million
  • Thomas Lemar - overall 83, potential 86, pace 82, age 25, price £43 million

Best RW in FIFA 22 Career Mode

Moving onto wingers (who sit further up the pitch than players who label themselves as midfielders), you'll see some of the most famous names in world football inhabiting the RW position. If you managed to nab one of the best right-wingers in FIFA 22, you Career Mode team would get a huge boost:

  • Lionel Messi - overall 93, potential 93, pace 85, age 34, price £70.5 million
  • Mohamed Salah - overall 89, potential 89, pace 90, age 29, price £91 million
  • Angel Di Maria - overall 87, potential 87, pace 83, age 33, price £44.5 million
  • Riyad Mahrez - overall 86, potential 86, pace 81, age 30, price £59 million
  • Hakim Ziyech - overall 84, potential 84, pace 78, age 28, price £38 million
  • Federico Chiesa - overall 83, potential 91, pace 91, age 23, price £72.5 million

Best LW in FIFA 22 Career Mode

Finally, let's talk about left-wingers! Again, the LW slot in your team is where you could place a number of the most famous faces in the game. If your FIFA 22 Career Mode budget can afford them, these are the best LWs on the market:

  • Neymar Jr - overall 91, potential 91, pace 91, age 29, price £116 million
  • Sadio Mane - overall 89, potential 89, pace 91, age 29, price £91 million
  • Raheem Stirling - overall 88, potential 89, pace 91, age 26, price £97 million
  • Lorenzo Insigne - overall 86, potential 86, pace 87, age 30, price £59 million
  • Oyarzabal - overall 85, potential 89, pace 82, age 24, price £69.5 million
  • Eden Hazard - overall 85, potential 85, pace 84, age 30, price £47 million

And finally, just falling outside that top six is Jack Grealish. The 25-year-old has an overall rating of 84 in FIFA 22 and a potential rating of 85. His pace is 80 and his price point at the start of career mode is £45.5 million. Whether you buy him or any of the other players we've just discussed, your team will definitely get that much-need boost down the flanks! Have fun terrorising other teams.

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