Whichever team you're controlling in your FIFA 22 Career Mode, you'll want to have the best goalkeeper that you can guarding the space between the sticks. And if you're shopping around for a GK, we've got all the insights that you need right here.


Buying the best GK in FIFA 22 is one way to stop your Career Mode side from leaking goals, and it's well worth investing in one of the very best shot-stoppers in the game. It's that creme-de-la-creme level that we're going to cover in this guide.

If you're looking for something other than a blockbuster signing, we've got separate guides on the best young players and best cheap players in FIFA 2022. But if you want a big-name signing in goal, read on to find out who is the best goalkeeper in FIFA 22.

Best GK in FIFA 22 Career Mode

The best goalkeeper in FIFA 22 is Jan Oblak of Athletico Madrid and Slovenia, who has the highest overall rating out of all the goalkeepers in the game. If you can afford to make him your number one, your Career Mode team will surely benefit.

Before you commit to paying a hefty transfer fee, though, you'll want to know which other keepers are worth considering. With that in mind, here's the full top 10 list of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22:

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  1. Jan Oblak - overall 91, potential 93, age 28, price £111 million
  2. Manuel Neuer - overall 90, potential 90, age 35, price £35 million
  3. Marc-Andre ter Stegen - overall 90, potential 92, age 29, price £98 million
  4. Gianluigi Donnarumma - overall 89, potential 93, age 22, price £107.5 million
  5. Ederson - overall 89, potential 91, age 29, price £87 million
  6. Thibaut Courtois - overall 89, potential 91, age 28, price £84.5 million
  7. Alisson - overall 89, potential 90, age 28, price £81.5 million
  8. Keylor Navas - overall 88, potential 88, age 34, price £40.5 million
  9. Wojciech Szczesny - overall 87, potential 87, age 31, price £49 million
  10. Hugo Lloris - overall 87, potential 87, age 34, price £35.5 million

If you pick up any of those FIFA 22 goalkeepers, we'd wager that you'll start conceding a lot less goals. That being said, buying a new goalie won't do anything to improve your personal defensive skills! So maybe don't give up on the training drills.

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