Gotham Knights release date – trailer, story and news

Gotham will need its heroes more than ever...

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Gotham Knights release date

Batman? Dead. Commissioner Gordon? Dead. It is a grim and dark (well more so than usual) version of Gotham City that takes centre stage in Gotham Knights, the upcoming video game release from WB Games Montréal- the same studio that brought us 2013’s Arkham Origins.


The loss of its hero with Batman’s demise, and the lack of a moral centre due to the loss of Jim, has left Gotham in tatters with corruption rising higher than ever before- even in the GCPD. It will be left to Batman’s allies to pick up the slack and restore order to the city- but they will have a fight on their hands.

Here’s everything we know so far about our next playable trip to Gotham City.

When is Gotham Knights release date?

gotham knights city

We have a bit of a wait before we all get out hands-on Gotham Knights as all we know so far is that it is due for release in 2021. Our best guess would be the latter part of the year, to coincide with the traditional gaming release season, but we’ll update you with more information as we have it.

What platforms can I get Gotham Knights on?

Gotham Knights will be available on next-generation consoles the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release also confirmed.

What is the Gotham Knights story?

gotham knights red hoodnightwing batgirl robin
Our team of heroes. Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing

What better to tell you that than the official game synopsis: “The game is set in Gotham City, after the death of Bruce Wayne/Batman and that of Police Commissioner James Gordon, which has resulted in a rise of crime and lawlessness. Players assume the role of Batman’s former proteges – Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), Tim Drake (Robin), and Jason Todd (Red Hood) – as they attempt to continue his legacy by protecting Gotham upon receiving a pre-recorded message from Batman.”

“During the game, the heroes encounter several supervillains, including the Court of Owls and Mr Freeze. Supporting characters include Bruce’s former butler Alfred Pennyworth and Police Captain Renee Montoya, one of the few honest cops left in the city”

It is worth noting that while WB Montreal did also work on the divisive Batman Origins, Gotham Knight has no ties to it and is an original story.

Gotham Knights gameplay

robin gotham knights

Expect gameplay to be largely similar to what has come before, but with some new additions- one being that Robin can now teleport thanks to some fancy Justice League technology. The Batcycle will be the vehicle of choice as you make your way through Gotham, and look for a new style of enemy to the Batman games as these thugs and goons level up as you do- meaning you’ll rarely face an easy fight.

Whilst still having the single-player experience as the main focus, you will be able to play with a friend and better still, they can just drop in and out of your story without impacting your progression.

Can I pre-order Gotham Knights?

We’re a bit too early for pre-ordering yet, but we imagine details of that will be released soon after we learn the release dates for the next generation of consoles.

Is there a trailer for Gotham Knights?

Behold- a dark, brooding and action-packed glimpse of what we can expect in 2021!


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