What colours will the iPhone 12 come in?

Apple's smartphones always have style - but what colours can we expect?

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iPhone colours

Another year, another iPhone launch.


We’ve already been treated to one surprise Apple launch this year with the iPhone SE, but the iPhone 12 is still to come, but we still need confirmation of key aspects such as the specs and price – and perhaps most importantly, the colours.

iPhone 12 colours are yet to be confirmed by Apple – but there are a few leaks and patterns that give us a reasonable idea of what to expect.

iPhone 12 colours: What colours will the iPhone 12 be available in?

For example, the iPhone 11 is available in six colours – purple, yellow, green, black, white, and red. We’d, therefore, expect the iPhone 12 to be available in similar colours.

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However, there may be a few changes as Apple usually switches out colours depending on what sells. For example, the iPhone XR was available in blue and coral – but these were changed to purple and green for the iPhone 12.

Either way, expect a rainbow of at least six colours available, with the least popular iPhone 11 colours swapped out for new additions.

What colours will the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max be available in?

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The premium iPhones usually come with less choice of colours – for example, the iPhone 11 Pro and  Pro Max only came with four choices: silver, space grey, gold and midnight green.

This was one more colour option than their predecessor the XS had, so the high-end iPhone 12 models may well have even more choice.

However, a leak suggests we’ll simply see another colour switch-out – YouTuber Max Weinbach has claimed on his channel EverythingApplePro that a navy blue colour has leaked, which will supposedly replace the midnight green colour.

This would make the rumoured iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max colour lineup to be silver, space grey, gold and navy blue.

The colour of all the iPhone 12 models are expected to be revealed at an Apple press event in September 2020.

Should I wait for the iPhone 12?

If you want you can buy an iPhone 11 now:

However, with the iPhone 12 launch so close, you may want to wait until Apple’s next smartphone is released in September/October – meaning you can either buy the newer iPhone 12 – or get the iPhone 11 cheaper.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that iPhones are usually a hot item during Black Friday.


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