Viewers react as Nick Knowles eliminated from I’m a Celebrity

The DIY: SOS presenter had shocked fellow campmates after claiming the Moon landings were faked

Nick Knowles, I'm a Celeb (ITV)

Nick Knowles has become the sixth celebrity to leave the I’m a Celeb jungle, after being voted out by the British public on Thursday.


His elimination proved a shock to his fellow campmates, due to the DIY: SOS presenter’s chivalrous behaviour and consistently strong performances during bushtucker trials — not to mention his now infamous little red smalls.

However, Knowles had begun to irritate some I’m a Celeb fans with both his acapella singing and recent claim that the Moon landing was faked.

Knowles, who had learnt that his Adele cover of Make You Feel My Love topped the iTunes charts, couldn’t seem to stop singing around the camp — and not all the fellow campers were best pleased.

“He’s a man of many talents,” John Barrowman said inside the Bush Telegraph, before abruptly falling silent.

It’s not a song I’m particularly crazy about,” Anne Hegerty added.

Many viewers were also desperate for Knowles to curb his “cringe[y]” singing — enough to vote him off entirely, it seems.

“Nick Knowles: How to lose I’m a Celebrity in one episode,” one fan posted on Twitter.

Knowles also got into a debate in the jungle over the Apollo 11 mission, claiming that no human “has ever landed on the moon” — much to Anne’s horror.

“No one’s landed on the moon,” he told the other campmates. “No we haven’t. When [the US] discovered they couldn’t get to the Moon they faked it.”

One viewer argued that “the singing & the moon landing debate” had been responsible for the swing in the public’s opinion of Knowles.

“Nick Knowles went from salt of the earth, to fruit loop moon landing denier, and finally became Bono,” another fan quipped.


But despite his recent exploits, it seems Nick ‘Knowlesy’ Knowles and his gentlemanly attitude will still be missed.