Game of Thrones’ final series trailer teases dark times for Westeros

The first look at the eagerly-awaited eighth season of the fantasy drama has been revealed

Game of thrones trailer

Few series of TV are as eagerly-awaited as the upcoming final run for Game of Thrones, with HBO and Sky Atlantic’s smash-hit epic fantasy set to conclude its long-running storylines in six feature-length episodes next spring.


And now, fans are finally getting a first look at the endgame (see what we did there) of the series thanks to a short-but-sweet new teaser trailer for series eight, which is sure to whet plenty of appetites for the final episodes thanks to some atmospheric imagery.

You can check out the new footage, which sees a wave of ice from the north take over the dragon of House Targaryen and the Wolf of the Starks clash with a wave of fire from the south (specifically, the lion of the Lannisters).

Clearly, the ice represents the threat of the White Walkers – but does the fiery inferno suggest wildfire-happy Cersei may be a force for the icy undead to reckon with?

And after watching this, we’re still left with some massive questions. Can Jon Snow and Daenerys hold back the Army of the Dead? Will Cersei betray the living for her own ends? Will Bran tell Jon the truth about his parentage? And will the whole thing just be resolved when Arya adds the Night King to her deadly list?

For now, we just don’t know – though the chances of anyone winning the game of thrones is looking increasingly slim.


Game of Thrones returns to HBO and Sky Atlantic in April 2019