When is The Apprentice 2018 on TV? BBC1 air date, contestants, advisers and more

Lord Sugar is back on the BBC, sifting through a new batch of candidates and finding his next apprentice

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Lord Sugar with The Apprentice Candidates of 2018. Lord Sugar - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim Marks

The Apprentice 2018 continues this week, with Lord Sugar and his pointy finger returning once again to berate and bark at some besuited no-hoper candidates. And we can’t wait.


Below is everything you need to know about series 14 and the next episode of The Apprentice on BBC1.

When is The Apprentice back on TV?

The show will continue BBC1 on Wednesday at 9pm.

The Apprentice's Lord Sugar, Karren Brady and Claude Littner

What task will contestants have to face this week?

The task is to design a children’s comic from scratch, with a hi-tech “augmented reality” cover design. But the candidates are handicapped by having their teams split up at key points, forcing them to make creative decisions via fractious speakerphone chats, which is never good.

Well, actually, they’re more hamstrung by not being creative to start with: as they flail around brainstorming (“Come on, come on!”) tinkling music on the soundtrack mocks their efforts. But you have to say, Apprentice-style editing could make Stan Lee look clueless at this. Tough questions include how to spell “Whoah!” and “patisserie”.

What happened last week?

Series 14 started with a surprise: the first challenge was a trip to Malta where the go-getters had to go get. Their task was to bag nine Maltese items for the lowest possible prices before reuniting back at the airport.

The boys, headed by Kayode, won the task, despite buying n actual octopus instead of the diving equipment of the same name.

Girls team leader Jasmine chose to bring back Jackie and Sarah into the final boardroom where Lord Sugar fired Sarah for being “argumentative”.

What does the winning candidate get?

As in previous years, the show’s winning contestant will nab a £250,000 business investment from Lord Sugar. This not only means that the winner will receive a huge cash injection for their business, but Lord Sugar will also assist them to make a success of it.

Who won the show last year?

For the first time ever, two candidates – James White and Sarah Lynn – walked away with a business investment. James now runs Right Time Recruitment, an IT recruitment agency specialising in web security, while Sarah went on to develop her confectionary brand Sweets in the City.

Who are Lord Sugar’s advisors?


To help him sift through this year’s candidates, Lord Sugar has once again called on the assistance of Karren Brady and Claude Littner.

Baroness Brady is vice-chairman of West Ham United and former managing director of Birmingham City. In 2014 she was made a life peer by the Prime Minister and received a CBE from the Queen for her services to business, entrepreneurship and women in business. Brady appeared as a celebrity contestant on Comic Relief Does The Apprentice in 2007, winning the task as project manager. In 2009 she joined the show as a regular advisor.

Littner has appeared in every single series of The Apprentice, first featuring solely in the interview stages before becoming an aide to Sugar in 2015. He replaced Nick Hewer.

Can I apply to be on The Apprentice?

Applications for this series closed in January.

Sadly, if you want to be on the show, you’ll have to wait until 2019 if you want a shot at winning Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment. Or appearing on Celebrity Big Brother (looking at you, Andrew Brady).

Who are the candidates on The Apprentice?

The cast for this year’s series have now been announced – find out more about them all here.

The Apprentice 2018: meet the candidates

Alex Finn

Alex Finn, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Camilla Ainsworth

Camilla Ainsworth, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Daniel Elahi

Daniel Elahi, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

David Alden

David Alden, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Frank Brooks

Frank Brooks, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Jackie Fast

Jackie Fast, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Jasmine Kundra

Jasmine Kundra, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Kayode Damali

Kayode Damali, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Khadija Kalifa

Khadija Kalifa, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Kurran Pooni

Kurran Pooni, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Rick Monk

Rick Monk, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Sabrina Stocker

Sabrina Stocker, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)


Sarah Byrne, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Sarah Ann Magson

Sarah Ann Magson, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Sian Gabbidon

Sian Gabbidon, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

Tom Bunday

Tom Bunday, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

The Apprentice will air weekly on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC1 from 3rd October