Meet Apprentice 2018 candidate David Alden: tax advisor and mobile DJ

The hull taxman compares himself to a Duracell bunny

David Alden, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

David Alden: tax advisor by day, mobile DJ by night and businessman by life. Not our words, but those of the Apprentice candidate himself.


And that’s not all. The 32-year-old Yorkshireman is a self-declared Duracell bunny as he never stops – “I just keep going!” he says.

So what exciting opportunities keep Alden working so long? Taxes. Lots and lots of taxes. After starting out as a tax assistant in a florist, he’s been in tax-related roles for 12 years, now working for Hull accounting firm Smailes Goldie Group.

It goes without saying, but from his accounts work David claims that he can speak to anyone about anything. Though he gets frustrated when others don’t share his unwavering positivity.

Outside his riveting tax work, David set up a mobile disco business called ‘wave2dave Mobile Disco’, a company with this stupendous logo…

Posted by Wave2dave Mobile Disco on Saturday, January 4, 2014

Before you ask, you can book David for a night here. As well as a strong emphasis on customer service, Dave also offers to bring along a webcam to project the dance floor on the big screen, alongside relevant music videos.

“Be careful not to mix yourself up with a pop star as we flick from the videos to the webcam; you just might not be able to tell the difference!” his site states. Consider yourself warned.

And there’s something else you should know about David: he loves Hull. Most of his social media posts are about the city and he even became a volunteer last year when Hull was declared UK’s City of Culture.

David Alden: The Facts

Age: 32

Occupation: Tax Advisor

Lives: East Yorkshire

LinkedIn page: Tax ManagerMobile DJ at wave2dave Mobile Disco

Twitter: @wave2dave


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