What is Jackie Fast's accent?

After a minute of watching Jackie on screen, you’ll probably have one big question: what exactly is her accent? American? Scottish? English? Is there some Welsh there too?

Jackie is actually from Canada, but she's also studied in Bejing and moved to London in 2007. Her company also has a base in Olso, Norway.

Overall, Jackie’s voice is a real mix. In fact, you can see her adopt several accents seemingly in the same sentence during her professional talks.

But it is something Jackie and her friends are aware of, with the businesswoman apparently nicknamed ‘robot’ for her strange voice.

Who is Jackie Fast?

Who isn’t Jackie Fast? The Candian-born Londoner already has her own established career in business – so much so, you can literally say she wrote the book on it.

Having arrived in London in 2007, she started her business, Slingshot Sponsorship from her bedroom in 2010 with “just a laptop”…and £2000.

But just six years later with six offices worldwide, Jackie sold Slingshot for unspecified “millions” – including Richard Branson and Red Bull among many of her happy clients.

She then wrote ‘best-selling’ book Pinpoint about sponsorship selling – you can buy it for £13.99 from Amazon right now (other book shops are available).

Jackie is now working on selling her ice wine from her brand Rebel Pi, and credits her success to her positive attitude.

What can we expect from Jackie?

You’d think with her millions she’s amassed through her various ventures, Jackie Fast wouldn’t need Lord Sugar’s measly £250,000 investment.

But it turns out Jackie is actually just “incredibly tight” – her words, not ours.

Speaking in her audition tape for the show, she explains, “I am incredibly tight. I will only eat dinners where there are vouchers included. I reuse Ziploc bags. I reuse the saline in my contact solution, which is also really bad for you.” Fair enough, we all love a Groupon deal (other online deal marketplaces are available.)

But as well as an incredibly unhygienic way of storing your contact lenses, Jackie will also bring plenty of attitude to The Apprentice - she admits she can be very opinionated and isn’t good at taking criticism, but hopes her commercial mind will see her through the process.

Jackie Fast: The Key Facts

Age: 34

Occupation: Sponsorship Consultant

Lives: London

Twitter: @JackieFast

LinkedIn: Jackie Fast – Founder, Original Rebel


She says: “I’m not intimidated by anybody, or anything.”
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