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Meet Apprentice 2018 candidate Daniel Elahi: he'd "rather cry in a Ferrari than in a Ford"

“I remember one of the nights we had about $30,000 behind the bar. There were sparklers coming to the table all night. It was brilliant,"

Published: Sunday, 16th December 2018 at 8:50 pm

The Apprentice 2018 candidates: Daniel Elahi

Age: 28


Occupation: Owner, Lifestyle Brand

Lives: London

Best/Worst quote: “I have the beauty and the brains, typically people only have one. I was blessed with both in abundance.”



Who is Daniel Elahi?

After quitting a lucrative job working for a bank, Daniel in June last year launched his very own lifestyle brand, Revival Shots – which its website claims is a “revolutionary formula specifically designed to provide superior rehydration and a vitamin hit”. Basically, it's something that gives you a helping hand on a hangover.

The product has been promoted by various reality TV stars in #spon posts on Instagram, including a few Love Island rejects and Geordie Shore star Sam Gowland.

Daniel himself has claimed he is the “epitome” of his business, explaining in his interview, “I would describe myself as a bit of a party animal. I’m outgoing, fun, like a drink – I am what my business represents.”

But before you’re start wondering why Daniel is on this show instead of something else like ITV 2’s Ibiza Weekender, he is quick to add that he wants to give back to the community too, having also launched the Daniel Elahi Foundation to help out the homeless in London last year.

“Deep down, I’m very focused on philanthropy and one of my main drives of getting rich and becoming successful is the influence I can have in giving back to the community,” he said.

What can we expect from Daniel?

He very much seems like this year’s answer to Andrew Brady – not because we think he’ll end up coupling up with Caroline Flack after a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, but because he seems to be very much focused on the ‘bants’ of just being on The Apprentice.

This picture tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Daniel (BBC)

Smugly saying that you’d “rather cry in a Ferrari than in a Ford”, Daniel said in his audition tape that he was a strong “11/10” for looks, before going into more details about his lavish Wolf of Wall Street lifestyle - revealing he can magically summon women with sparklers on lavish nights out.

“I remember one of the nights we had about $30,000 behind the bar. There were sparklers coming to the table all night. It was brilliant," said Daniel. "Behind the sparklers obviously there’s loads of girls. It was awesome. But the minute the bottle runs out, the girls disappear as well. The moral of the story? Keep buying bottles.”

Form an orderly queue, ladies. And don't forget your sparklers.


The Apprentice continues Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC1


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