Love Island presenter Caroline Flack has revealed that despite recently becoming engaged to former Apprentice star Andrew Brady, she's "no expert on love".


Speaking to and other press in the Love Island villa before the start of the fourth series, Caroline said: "You'd think maybe I can pretend I’m an expert on love, but I’m not.

"I think I’m just a normal girl in a relationship like everyone else. No relationship is easier just because you’re in the public eye," she added. "It’s all the same feelings, so I’m definitely not an expert.

"But what I’d like to think is that because I’ve had a varied life of relationships that I can be a good listener to the girls and the guys who are on the show, and maybe not give advice but just listen and ask good questions."

Caroline and Andrew reportedly began dating in February 2018 after he came out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, and the pair announced their engagement two months later.

The 38-year-old TV presenter also said that despite Love Island being a "modern dating show", the programme is surprisingly conventional.

"With all the things like Tinder and these different online sites that people use, Love Island actually goes back to the traditional side of dating," she explained.

"They haven't got phones, they can't poke each other on Facebook, they have to sit there and have the art of conversation, which people don't do now. It's an old-fashioned style of dating that we're bringing back."

Asked about last year's islanders, Caroline said that the contestant she was most proud of was Camilla Thurlow.

Eyal Booker in Love Island, ITV Pictures, SL

"I would like to put this really straight because there was a story saying I slammed the contestants for doing teeth whitening," Caroline added. "I love all of the contestants that come out. But I just meant Camilla has come out and used her platform for doing something really brilliant and it's really nice to see - but that wasn't putting anyone down."

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She also cited 2016 islanders Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen as a Love Island success story, as the pair are currently planning their wedding.

"Their relationship has been tested and it's lasted this long," said Caroline, who added that she doesn't know if she has an invite to their wedding yet.

"But not all relationships last forever, let’s be realistic," the former X Factor presenter added. "We all have relationships – I’ve had relationships in my past and I don’t look back on them and think ‘that was a mistake’.

"I take from that [relationship what] I learned and move onto the next one. So, it's sad but they’re not all going to last. But they’re still a relationship, they’re still a moment."


Love Island begins Monday 4th June on ITV2