Love Island 2018: Who are the ones to watch?

Frances Taylor has already met this year's islanders – here she rounds up who will have you glued to ITV2 this summer

Love Island 2018 cast

There’s a brand new villa and a brand new set of islanders on Love Island this year.


And ahead of Monday night’s launch show, we’ve picked the islanders we think you need to look out for. flew out to the island of Mallorca to meet all of the islanders before they headed into the villa – and discovered that there’s a new Camilla, a new Kem and even a new Olivia.

Here are this year’s ones to watch in the Love Island cast:

Dani Dyer

Love Island 2018: Dani Dyer
Love Island 2018: Dani Dyer (ITV)

Dani needs no introduction.

As the daughter of EastEnders star Danny Dyer, the younger Dani seems like she’s going to be immensely watchable, thoroughly likeable and a firm viewer favourite this series.

On meeting her, she was incredibly funny, very genuine and we can already see her being the centre of some of the most viral moments on Love Island this year.

Also, her being on the show massively increases the chances of Danny Dyer popping up towards the end of the series, which is surely enough reason to keep for her on the show? Caroline Flack has already said she’s excited to see Danny Sr. on Aftersun

Dr Alex George – the new Camilla Thurlow

Love Island 2018: Alex George
Love Island 2018: Alex George (ITV)

Paging Doctor Alex! The A&E medic is this year’s surprising and unexpected islander, much like Camilla Thurlow was last year.

“I can see that – and why there is a comparison,” Alex said when we asked him about the Camilla comparisons. “The show has developed and is growing, and people are realising anyone can go on there.”

Last year, after meeting Camilla, we had our concerns. She seemed so reserved and, well, different to the other islanders who were heading into the villa. During her first tentative few days on the show, we were left scratching our heads as to why she was even in there at all.

And yet two months later, she emerged from the villa as a runner-up and national treasure and was hands down one of the standout stars of the series.

Much like her, after meeting Doctor Alex we have our doubts. He, too, is reserved, quiet and, you guessed it, seems nothing like the other contestants. We’re desperate to be proven wrong again this year.

Jack Fincham – the new Kem Cetinay

Love Island Jack Fincham 2018, ITV Pictures, SL
Love Island Jack Fincham 2018, ITV Pictures, SL

Jack has a similar look and sound to last year’s winner Kem. He’s a bit of a cheeky chappy, just like Kem, with a heavy estuary English accent – also like Kem.

Summing himself up, he says that “personality outweighs looks anyway…I’m not going in with my guns! Hopefully they’ll find me charming-ish”.

Yep, that certainly reminds us of Kem. Could he end up being Love Island 2018’s winner?

Eyal Booker – the new Marcel Somerville

Love Island 2018: Eyal Booker
Love Island 2018: Eyal Booker (ITV)

Eyal is this year’s semi-famous former boyband member. Much like Marcel Somerville last year, we reckon he’s going to be mentioning it more than a few times to the ladies in the villa.

Much like Marcel, he’s also so laid-back he’s horizontal and could definitely be a calming influence in the villa. However, unlike Marcel and Blazin’ Squad, Eyal says he can’t see his band EverYoung getting back together post-Love Island.

“I don’t think so, no,” he told us. “I think we had our time as a band, we gave it all we could give and now we’re all doing our own things and I don’t think there would be really any reason for us to get back together.”

We bet that’s what Marcel would’ve said this time last year…

Laura Anderson – the new Olivia Atwood

Love Island 2018: Laura Anderson
Love Island 2018: Laura Anderson (ITV)

It’s not just that Laura’s publicity shots for Love Island are near identical to Olivia Attwood‘s… but it certainly helps:

Laura and Olivia - Love Island
Laura and Olivia – Love Island

No, Laura herself has said she’s similar to Liv, and from meeting her we certainly came away thinking the same thing.

“People think I look like Olivia,” she told “And I think Olivia is hilarious to be honest.” She also said that personality-wise, she would describe herself as being more than a bit like the former Love Island star.

We can definitely see her bringing as much drama to the villa this year as Liv…

Kendall Rae-Knight – the new Amber Davies

Love Island 2018: Kendall Rae-Knight
Love Island 2018: Kendall Rae-Knight (ITV)

Although she’s way taller than Amber, Kendall certainly reminded us of last year’s winner when we met her.

Our initial impressions were that she has a similar look and personality to Amber, and a similarly un-starry background. Whilst Amber was a dancer when she applied for Love Island, Kendall is a sales assistant who works in Clarks. Basically, they weren’t ‘Instagram famous’ beforehand and we can see Kendall having the same appeal to viewers as Amber did in series three. She’s down-to-earth, quite reserved and seems thoroughly lovely.

“I am a calm person,” said Kendall before going in. “I’m not very controversial, I can hold my own when I have to; it’s nice to sit and watch and get your popcorn out. My sister says she is going to make memes about me.”

What, you mean like this?

Amber on Love Island, ITV, SL
Amber on Love Island, ITV, SL

Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2