Love Island 2017 contestants: Amber Davies


Age: 20

Twitter: @Amber_Davies7

Occupation: Dancer

From: Wales

Former Cirque de Soleil and X Factor dancer Amber really wants to put the Love in Love Island

“I’m so ready to find someone that I can have fun with. If it turns into a relationship then great” she says. "I’m always so busy and I think this is a perfect opportunity for me to meet new people and get on with them and have a laugh."

It sounds as though she won’t have a problem doing that either, as Amber is a self-titled “dating queen”

"I love to date. The key thing for me is finding humour. We need to have a good laugh, the chemistry will happen if we’re laughing."

She doesn’t think success with the lads has gone to her head, though.

“I think I’m very down to earth” muses the Welsh lass. “I have been brought up so well. I don’t cause trouble for no reason. I’m not fake, I’m very real and that’s what all my friends like about me.”

So she won’t be causing any trouble among the girls in the villa by pinching anyone else’s match?

“I don’t want to eliminate myself out of the girls’ circle, but at the end of the day I have no loyalties,” says Amber. “If I fancy someone, I will go for it, and I will just have to deal with the consequences. I am usually a girls’ girl and wouldn’t think of myself as malicious.”

What does she look for in man?

“I really want to be wowed,” she says, ruling out cocky and arrogant men as potential partners. “I’ve always been with younger guys who don’t know how to treat a girl.”

How should you treat a girl then?

Pay for dinner when you’re the one who’s asked her out, instead of asking her to split the bill, apparently. Hope she doesn't try to have a conversation with Camilla about this...

“If I’d have asked him out, I would happily have paid,” she says of her worst date. “He had been pestering me for a date for ages. He had told me he would treat me and show me a good time and when the bill came he made such a fuss! £120 – I didn’t see him again! “

Has Amber get any secrets to spill during her time on the island?

"Well maybe I’ve slept with a big name,” she teases,” but girls don’t kiss and tell!”

We’ll give it a few days before she confesses all on camera.


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.