Before they go into the Love Island villa, it's imperative that the islanders' identities are kept a secret from one another.


And the lengths the show's producers go to in order to keep things hush-hush is quite incredible.

UPDATE: Love Island 2018 air date confirmed

First of all, the cast arrive in Mallorca where the show is filmed around a week before Love Island actually begins.

The islanders then have their phones taken off them, ensuring that they can't tell anyone they're on the show. And, more importantly, they can't search for anything about either themselves or other islanders once the line-up is confirmed.

This year, the cast were announced on Monday 28th May – a full week before episode one aired – meaning they'll have been without their phones for at least seven days before they even get into the villa.

And it gets even more extreme than that.

Love Island 2018: Niall Aslam
Love Island 2018: Niall Aslam (ITV)

In order to make sure the islanders don't bump into each other in the corridor of a hotel, the cast are scattered across accommodation all over the island, minimising the logistics of keeping them apart.

And then (yes, there's more) each islander is also assigned a chaperone. This person has to follow them around 24/7 and be by their side constantly to make sure they have literally zero opportunity to find out anything whatsoever, either by sneaking off to an internet cafe (are they still a thing?), talking to lurking journalists or accosting a nearby tourist to get the latest goss.

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Love Island begins Monday 4th June at 9pm on ITV2