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Who is Olivia Attwood? The Love Island contestant has a very revealing party trick

But the "fashion brands" model is also a sucker for romantic gestures

Published: Sunday, 23rd July 2017 at 9:15 pm

Love Island 2017 contestants: Olivia Attwood


Age: 26

Instagram: oliviajade_monstergirl

Occupation: Motorsport Grid Girl

From: Surrey

At the start of her Love Island journey, Olivia found herself coupled up with Sam for a week (which is basically a marriage in Love Island time).

However, she soon got 'the ick' and their relationship came to an end when she used the classic line "it's not you it's me". He got well and truly pied when she explained that the thought of having sex with him wasn't a good one.

It wasn't long before she was finding romance with new islander Chris, although her biggest drama in the villa came when she got herself stuck in the biggest of love triangles with Mike.

She was dramatically chosen by Mike in a recoupling – much to Chris’s annoyance and Olivia’s enjoyment. Chris called him Muggy Mike (the moniker's stuck long after Mike's left the villa), Olivia tried to get over Chris by snogging him and the whole thing was a bit of a nightmare. Which made brilliant TV.

They hit a bit of a bump when Olivia got aggy with Chris, saying that he just didn't know the real her and she didn't think they'd work on the outside world. But after some tears and hug, they seem to have got things back on track. For now.

Where have I seen Olivia before? If you’re a big fan of non-specific ‘fashion brands’ you might recognise her. Asked what her claim to fame is, she said: “Probably the modelling that I have done – some of the fashion brands I’ve worked for have big followings.”

How she thinks boys would describe her: “They would say I’m fun, I’m down to earth, I’m always up for a laugh.”

…and how she’d describe herself: “Fun, kind and a bit of a dickhead”

What she hates in a bloke: “Someone that takes themselves really seriously without a sense of humour. Also someone not particularly intelligent. I do seem to go for the same guys again and again.” We reckon she's hit the jackpot with Chris!

Olivia doesn’t really “do chat-up lines” and her biggest turn-off is “stuck-up guys”, although the chaps in the villa are going to have their work cut out impressing her, as even seeing a show in Las Vegas just isn’t good enough...

“I don’t really like dates generally,” she says. “I don’t like going on formal dates. I went to the theatre with someone and fell asleep. We were in Las Vegas and it was a circus show, but I was really hungover. Suffice to say it was the only date we went on.”

Olivia also says she likes “old fashioned romantic gestures” – and yet is bloody terrified of talking to boys face to face.

Asked what her biggest fear about being in the villa is, Olivia says: “Dating without things like WhatsApp, because usually you have a little stalk or you build off a flirty Snapchat but it will be very different getting to know them purely face-to-face.”

And don’t worry, Olivia definitely isn’t going on Love Island for the fame, potential prize money or a slot on CBB this summer. “For the experience,” she says. “This is me on my own. I want the life experience to look back on.”

Anything else I should know? Her party trick is getting her boobs out, something we saw during the challenge when the girls and guys had to strip off and jump in the pool the quickest to beat the boys in Casa Amor.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.


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