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Love Island's Olivia tries to get over Chris... by snogging him behind Mike's back

It’s Confident Chris vs Muggy Mike in the competition for Olivia’s affections

Published: Tuesday, 20th June 2017 at 2:55 pm

The best way of trying to get over someone probably isn’t to keep hanging out with them, laughing at their jokes and snogging them behind your current partner’s back.


Yet that’s exactly what Olivia is up to on Love Island as she continues playing a very dangerous game between Confident Chris and Muggy Mike.

After initially being coupled with Chris, Olivia was dramatically chosen by Mike in the recoupling earlier this week – much to Chris’s annoyance and Olivia’s enjoyment. But now, Olivia is completely torn and has no idea who she is most attracted to and wants to be with. Cue the love (island) triangle!


In tonight’s episode, Mike confides that he is a bit worried about Olivia and Chris:

“For me it’s hard because I don’t know if anything’s getting said or stuff’s going on behind my back, but I try not to think about it too much. I am expecting it’s not going to be plain sailing, I’ll have to look over my shoulder with him, but if something like that does happen and he tries to pull Liv and edge back in there, I’ll just have to see Liv’s reaction.”

Um, well he has a lot of reason to be worried when Chris asks Olivia to give him a kiss on the lips in the kitchen! She firmly says no multiple times… but only because people are watching, and promises to give him a snog before bed later. Oh.

If that’s not bad enough, she asks Chris if he wants to have sex before quickly adding: “I’m joking!” Whatever, Liv. Anyway, she then has the cheek to say she’s trying to get over him!

“I’m trying to get over Chris in a sense and give Mike a fair shot, but every time Chris is there he makes me laugh and makes me smile. That’s just classic Liv, honestly I don’t know what I want. I do, but I don’t.”

The next morning in the Beach Hut, she then admits:

“I had a wobble last night, a little bit. Basically, my life’s a mess, just to recap. Just to round it off, life is a mess, as per."

Her life might be a mess, but it sure makes great TV. Anyway, as if she hadn’t already caused enough problems, Chloe wades in (again) and stirs the pot with this lot once more, saying to Chris:

“How are you feeling about Liv and Mike? Does it not bother you that they’ve kissed? It’s only because everyone knows about it. So I think you deserve to know.”

Chris, meanwhile, is undeterred:

“I know if there was a recoupling coming up today and the girls had to choose, she would choose me over him.”


Although perhaps Chris wouldn’t be quite as confident if he overheard this nugget between Olivia and Mike, after Mr Muggy asked if he would need to start ‘grafting’ with her at some point:

“You’re doing alright so far.”

Liv, Liv, Liv. Things don’t get much better for Chris later on when Olivia and Mike have this exchange:

Mike: “I’m not being funny, you wouldn’t look at him twice on the outside world. He definitely isn’t the kind of guy you would be with. I know that for a fact, you can say what you want.”

Olivia: “I’ve lost my head totally. What am I doing?”

We have absolutely no idea, Liv love. But please continue. We can barely look away.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2


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