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Is this the end for Love Island couple Chris and Olivia?

Fans now want Chris and Kem to couple up as Olivia appears to call time on her relationship

Published: Thursday, 6th July 2017 at 9:12 am

After a week or so of plain sailing, it looks like Chris and Olivia's Love Island relationship is hitting the rocks.


In Thursday's episode, a rift opens up between Chris and Liv when he tells her to quieten down at bedtime. It prompts her to storm off and go and sleep outside, and when Chris goes to speak to her she gets upset:

“I want to sleep out here. A lot of things are getting to me at the minute. You don’t get me and you never will get me and I’m trying to force something that is not there. We’re trying to make something work that really in real life wouldn’t work.

You don’t understand me the way I am, you just don’t understand me and I feel like I have to filter parts of my personality to suit you. I tread on egg shells all the time around you and things about me annoy you. I let you do your thing and you’re loud and you don’t understand me and you won’t understand me and it’s not your fault… I’m just processing it, I knew this would happen anyway that’s why I’m fine.”

What?! Has this come completely out of the blue or what.

The next morning, Olivia speaks in the Beach Hut about feeling like her and Chris might not be as compatible as they thought:

“Last night feelings I’ve had about the way Chris feels about me came to a head. I know he likes me, I know he fancies me but I feel the more he gets to know me as a person, he doesn’t like who I am… Either it’s too much personality for one relationship or he just prefers to have girls who are a little bit more seen-and-not-heard.”

A chat between Kem and Chris later on then prompts Chris to go and speak to Olivia.

He says:

“I just want to squash it. I would never ever want someone to ever change me, I would never ever want to change anybody. I like you for who you are.”

Bless him! As Olivia says she doesn't think he knows her properly and that he's not listening to her, he gets emotional and reveals that he is falling for her!

A preview of the episode which showed Chris crying after speaking to Olivia prompted Love Island fans to ask the big question:

Power couple Chris and Kem – or #Chem, as we're calling them – are proving to be the pair that Love Island fans are really hoping will win the show (and that £50,000) thanks to their amazing bromance:

Well if this episode is anything to go by, it looks like Kem could turn out to be Chris's dream man after all.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2


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