9 huge rumours and questions answered by Love Island: the Reunion

Did Georgia leave the WhatsApp group? Have Adam and Zara got matching tattoos? Have Jack and Dani 'done bits'? These are just some of the pressing mysteries we had solved on Love Island: the Reunion

Love Island - Frankie and Samira

When the entire class of Love Island 2018 met up in the same room, there were plenty of uncomfortable truths, frosty exchanges and awkward moments. Most of these involving Georgia.


As the series had one last hurrah on ITV2 with Love Island: the Reunion, we finally got answers to some of our most probing questions…

So, what’s going on with Samira and Frankie? Did Georgia really leave the WhatsApp group? And has Jack finally met Danny Dyer?

1. Did Georgia really leave the WhatsApp group?

Over the past week, there have been plenty of tabloid reports suggesting that Georgia left the Love Island cast’s WhatsApp group amid rumours of rowing with her fellow contestants.

However, Georgia set the story straight. Sort of.

“This WhatsApp group malarky,” she said. “So there were two Georgias in the bloody WhatsApp group weren’t there. And Adam removed us, didn’t he!”

Love Island - Georgia and Sam

Adam admitted he had “added a fake Georgia”, and Georgia continued: “And then it was me who left the WhatsApp group, of course! I didn’t leave the WhatsApp group, I got removed.”

So that’s, er, cleared that one up then…

2. What’s going on with Samira and Frankie?

“Rumour has it you’ve been a bit of a naughty boy. Can you clear this up?”

Caroline wasted no time in giving Frankie a grilling over cheating rumours and reports that he had shared a hotel room with a woman he met at a club – just one day before he reunited with Samira at the airport after she decided to walk from the villa to follow him, and her heart.

Love Island - Frankie and Samira

“There’s been stuff in the papers, but what’s come out in the papers we’ve dealt with – it is a very small part of what me and Sam have done since coming out,” responded Frankie.

Samira added: “Obviously it’s been a bit difficult but positive now and it’s good and we’re fine.”


3. Have Jack and Dani now ‘done bits’?

Even though they were together from day one, they were one of the few couples in the villa this year not to join the DBS. So, now they’ve been let loose on the real world for a whole week, have they finally ‘done bits’?

“Course we have!” exclaimed Dani, although thankfully, neither her or Jack cared to expand on this.

4. Has Megan fallen out with Georgia?

More tabloid reports have suggested that Megan and Georgia are not, how do we put this, the closest of friends.

And when asked about the rumours by Caroline, the pair didn’t exactly go miles out of their way to deny it.

Love Island - Megan
Megan (ITV)

“It’s not like that – I just didn’t get it,” said Megan of Georgia. “I’ve never been around… I’m very introverted and shy and I think Georgia is very extroverted, and everything is like ‘Oh my God, how are you boo? You alright?’ – everything’s like massive.

“So I don’t think it’s I didn’t like her, I just didn’t get it. I’ve never been around that kind of person before.”

Georgia’s reply? “That’s OK boo, no need to worry darling.”

Love Island - Georgia
Georgia (ITV)

We don’t think it is all OK boo.

5. Was Dani photographed arguing with Jack?

Fear struck the heart of the nation when a picture of Dani looking emotional while on the phone hit the press. It was one of the first times she had been seen without Jack since leaving the villa and, jumping to conclusions, plenty of people thought it must be that the pair were having a heated row.

“I was talking to Samira!” said Dani of the picture, before Jack interjected: “She was happy-crying!”

“This is when Frankie told Samira he loved her and I was going ‘oh my God’! I weren’t even crying.”

6. Are Kem and Kendall dating?

Love Island - Kendall
Kendall (ITV)

After Kendall appeared on the Love Island podcast, pictures emerged of her looking rather cosy with co-presenter and last year’s winner (and singleton) Kem Cetinay. So, just what is going on?

“I moved in straight away,” smiled Kendall. Sadly, she was joking. “We’re just friends. He’s cute…”

7. Have Adam and Zara got matching tattoos?

Love Island - Adam Collard tattoo

Marking themselves out as this year’s Jess and Dom (who also debuted their matching Love Island tattoos during ‘the Reunion’ last year), Adam and Zara proved that they had, indeed, got twin tats to cement their love.

Not that Caroline was too impressed at Zara’s tiny ‘AC’ inking on the inside of her finger, or Adam’s ‘Z’ on his hand.

Love Island - Adam Collard tattoo

If you get a microscope, you can just about see it.

“If you break up it could be air conditioning or something like that,” Caroline helpfully said to Zara, as the pair said they were “yeah, really good”. Hmm.

8. Has Jack now met Danny Dyer?

After the, let’s face it, disappointment of Danny Dyer not going into the Love Island villa, the burning question now is has Jack finally met Dyer Snr in the flesh?

Love Island - Jack and Dani
Jack and Dani (ITV)

“Not yet, we’ve texted quite a lot,” he said. “He likes me, but I look forward to actually meeting him in real life. I’m more scared of her mum, to be honest.”

To which Dani chipped in that mum Jo Mas was “a bit scary”.

9. And are Jack and Dani really getting married next year?

Well, not exactly.

“Right listen, we’re going to get married eventually,” confirmed Jack. “But not in the next year. Come on…”

Asked by Caroline if this means they are definitely going to get married, Jack said: “Yeah, I’d like to think so, definitely.”

Love Island - Jack and Dani

“Not next year, we need to enjoy it all,” added Dani. “Marriage is stress. I’ll be Bridezilla.”

“She wants the princess marriage as well,” chipped in Jack.

There has to be an ITV2 spin-off series about Jack and Dani planning their wedding. SURELY.


Love Island returns in 2019