Love Island contestants Frankie and Samira may have rekindled their romance outside the villa after their untimely split, but the pair were confronted by cheating rumours on Sunday night’s reunion show.


Host Caroline Flack quizzed Frankie over tabloid reports he had spent a night in a hotel room with another woman before Samira had left the show. And it was so awkward.

"Rumour has it you've been a bit of a naughty boy, can you clear this up?" Flack asked the uncomfortable couple.

"Yeah there's been stuff in the papers but what's come out in the papers we've dealt with and it's a very small part of what we've done since coming out," Frankie responded.

Samira also commented: "Obviously it's been a bit difficult, but obviously we're positive now and it's fine."

Some viewers were unsure if the pair had just confirmed the rumours or not…

However, others were more concerned that Flack’s line of questioning was unnecessarily prying...

Especially bearing in mind Flack’s recent cancelled engagement to Andrew Brady...

But others defended Flack, reasoning it was a relevant question for reality stars who’d agreed to put their personal lives under scrutiny.

But however harsh the line of questioning, Frankie and Samira still seem like a solid couple on Instagram...


And, hey, if it doesn't work out with Frankie, perhaps Samira will set her sights on a certain former EastEnders star...

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