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Meet Apprentice 2018 candidate Frank Brooks: the businessman who 'pushes boundaries with his humour'

The marketing specialist wants to be the Lulu to Lord Sugar’s Take That

Published: Wednesday, 17th October 2018 at 10:00 pm

Frank is a self-proclaimed ‘trendsetter’ and an Apprentice candidate who speaks about himself in the third person – “Frank is unique, one of a kind, generous, fun-loving soul who knows what he wants in life,” he says to describe himself.


But what’s his approach to business? It’s, shall we say, left field. “I think being good at business is like being good at karaoke,” he says. “You need to be confident, command the attention of the room and roll over failure.”

And there’s more. “My karaoke song is Relight my Fire by Take That and Lulu,” he adds. “Maybe I can be the Lulu to Lord Sugar’s Take That.”

Brooks is currently a marketing specialist at media firm Reuters, but previously spent eight years as a Dispenser at Boots.

We might expect a risqué joke or two from Brooks, with the budding businessman admitting he likes to “push boundaries with his humour”. But Brooks says he's not always a laugh, admitting he can sometimes play people off against each other to get what he wants.

However, he still managed to give Apprentice fans a giggle with his official candidate picture after a photoshop error left him with an extra-long hand.

Frank Brooks: The Facts

Age: 27

Occupation: Senior Marketing Manager

Lives: London


Instagram: @frank_brooks_


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