Pointless star Richard Osman explains why he and Alexander Armstrong work so well together

The pair have made Pointless into a huge BBC hit – but how have they never fallen out?


Pointless double act Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong have made well over 1,000 episodes of the BBC show together, spanning 18 series and nine years. So, what’s the secret to such a long and healthy working relationship?


Osman says that patience has a lot to do with it. Speaking at the annual Radio Times Covers Party, he joked, “I’m a very patient man. He’s a very difficult man. He has drinking issues. That’s the big problem with him – and he gets very angry, a lot.”

Joking aside, Osman paid tribute to his “generous” Pointless co-star.

“We’ve known each other a long time. I love him,” he said. “We’ve never, in 1400 episodes or however many we’ve done, had a falling out or a cross word. He’s so enthusiastic about everything, which is great. He couldn’t be more generous as a friend and a co-performer.”

Watch the video in full below.

The comedy duo recently featured on the front cover of Radio Times, and joined the magazine to celebrate the best of TV, film and radio at the Covers Party.


“If you work in telly, the best thing that can ever happen to you is that you’re on the front cover of Radio Times,” Osman said. “It’s better than a Bafta for me.”