Emmerdale spoilers: “Charity gets her just desserts,” says Emma Atkins on Declan’s murder plot

"The audience will be on the edge of their seat," adds the actress as viewers await an explosive week of episodes on the ITV soap

Actress Emma Atkins has promised Emmerdale fans that Charity Macey will get her comeuppance during shock scenes to be shown this week.


“She will reap what she sows,” the star told RadioTimes.com. “I do believe that she’s gone on for quite some time acting smugly and without anyone putting a stop to what she’s doing. And, obviously, now that Declan has realised that she’s been lying, it’s the starting point of no return. She finally gets her just desserts.”

Viewers now know that Charity’s husband Declan (Jason Merrells) is the person trying to poison her thanks to the cliffhanger to last night’s episode, but the unbalanced businessman will up the ante further this week when he isolates his wife at a remote country retreat. An unsuspecting Charity believes that Declan has planned a mini-break for her, little realising that his aim is to end her life.

“The audience will be on the edge of their seat,” assures Atkins. “There were times when I was scared just acting it! You’ve really got to get into the role of feeling a lot of terror and emotion. It’s bloody hard to play and I struggled, but we got there.”

Emmerdale has a relatively recent tradition of staging a dramatic set-piece to kick off autumn (think Carl’s killing in 2012 or the Woolpack flood and siege of 2013), but for Atkins, nothing comes close to the intensity of Declan and Charity’s showdown:


“I’ve never filmed anything quite as massive,” says the actress. “I’ve been able to play something that’s so wonderfully different to anything that I’ve done before in my career. It’s a huge landmark for me and it’s been so exhilarating to be a part of this storyline that’s just built and built. Plus I’ve had Jason Merrells to play opposite, which has been hugely enjoyable. I can’t wait for the viewers to see it.”