Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion 2019 – Round of 16

From Outlander to The OA and Stranger Things to Doctor Who, which show do you want to take the title?


From fleshy monsters and fire-breathing dragons, to time-travel portals and snakeskin boot-wearing demons (with a love for vintage cars…), there’s something for every viewer in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion category — but which show will walk (or fly off in a blue police box) away with the title in our TV Champion tournament?


We started with 48 shows, and after the qualifying round, we are left with the 16 best-supported sci-fi/ fantasy teams on the internet who managed to make it into the top 4 of their qualifying groups. (Full results are here.)

But now it’s time for things to get serious as we enter the last 16 of the tournament, it’s all about head to heads.

You’ll find all eight matches of the Round of 16 across the pages below, so make sure you find, support and share your winner.

Voting for these matches closes on Saturday 14th September at 1pm BST.

Good luck!

The OA v Timeless

Next page: Lucifer v Stranger Things


Voting for these matches closes on Saturday 14th September at 1pm BST.