Emmerdale: Amelia turns evil as she launches shocking blackmail plot

Brainwashed by kidnapper Beth, she's out to destroy dad Daz


Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer may be safely home with her family, but remains so brainwashed by her kidnapper Beth’s mind games she’s now blackmailing biological dad Daz into breaking the law if he wants his daughter to forgive him for his past.


In this evening’s two helpings of the ITV soap, shown on Thursday 5 July, Amelia struggled to adjust to being home after Daz tracked her down and Bernice Blackstock apprehended her abductor.

Insisting Beth is innocent and the only one with her best interests at heart, and Daz was the one in the wrong, agitated Amelia couldn’t process the police’s explanation she was used by the callous kidnapper as part of her revenge against Daz for accidentally killing her soldier father nine years ago in a bungled army training exercise.

Despite evidence Beth posed as Daz to implicate him in her disappearance, the confused schoolgirl was having none of it and continues to side with the woman who held her captive for weeks.


As the Spencers despaired at how much Amelia had been turned against her family, it emerged just how much the trauma had twisted her when she secretly slipped a letter to Daz and ordered him to find a way to get it to Beth – despite her being charged with blackmail and perverting the course of justice and not being allowed any contact with kid.

When Daz refused, spiteful Amelia spat that he owed her – and that if he wanted her to forgive him and get past everything that’s happened then he’d do as she says…


Daz now faces a dilemma of trying to build a relationship with his niece-turned-daughter and breaking the law in the process, just as he’s been cleared of all charges relating to the kidnapping, or doing the right thing and risk Amelia wanting nothing to do with him. And there’s the distinct possibility little Ms Spencer will indulge in more evil behaviour as the impact of her ordeal takes a worrying psychological hold…


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