Here’s your chance to meet Billie Piper in New York for £1!

The former Doctor Who star is offering fans the chance to win two VIP tickets to sold-out play Yerma on Broadway in aid of children's charity The Primary Shakespeare Company

Billie Piper Yerma tickets competition (YouTube, JG)

Billie Piper is offering fans a chance to meet her in New York and watch her sold-out play Yerma on Broadway – for just £1!


The former Doctor Who star, who’s set to appear in new BBC drama Collateral, is raising money for charity by offering fans two VIP tickets to her award winning play.

The competition, which includes free flights and accommodation and a chance to meet Piper and the Yerma cast backstage, is in aid of children’s charity The Primary Shakespeare Company. The charity aims to support young children in the UK from disadvantaged backgrounds through drama.

See Piper reveal the “super exciting” news in the video below.

Explaining her support for the charity, Piper said, “As a child I really struggled in school, I just wasn’t connecting with my lessons and the curriculum and I found that really frustrating. Drama changed all of that, it gave me a purpose and a passion.

“I know there will be so many children right now feeling exactly the same way and this is why what The Primary Shakespeare Company does is so important.

“We’re running this exciting competition to help raise the much needed funds so they can continue their invaluable work.”

Fans can buy as many £1 tickets as they like, with each purchase counting towards one entry into the lottery.


Go to Billie Piper’s official website to enter and find out more. Good luck!