EastEnders lines up relationship for Louise and Keegan?

Actor Zack Morris hopes the writers put the two characters together


EastEnders actor Zack Morris has expressed hopes that his character – teen tearaway Keegan Baker – will embark on a relationship with Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper).


“A lot of viewers seem to want him to get together with Louise,” the star told Inside Soap. “I get daily messages from fans on Instagram who are trying to plug this relationship! It’s flattering, so maybe the writers will give them what they want. Who knows?”

Keegan has a somewhat chequered past with Louise having claimed, earlier this year, to have slept with her while she was too drunk to remember. The boast subsequently got Keegan arrested on suspicion of rape, only for him to later admit that he’d made the whole up merely because he fancied her.


With both characters currently single, it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that they could get together (though Louise would have to be pretty forgiving of Keegan!). But if romance is not written into EastEnders’s 2018 storylines, Morris has a back-up plan as to the course Keegan could take:

“I’d want them [the writers] to bring back Grant, and for him and Phil to be like they were back in the day. Keegan could be their sidekick.”

The Mitchell brothers – with Keegan as their right-hand man? It’s certainly an interesting set-up…

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