You really need to watch the Game of Thrones cast performing hip-hop classic Ice Ice Baby

Stop! Collaborate and listen!


You may not think you need to see the Game of Thrones cast singing Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby. But you would be wildly, completely wrong. 


YouTuber Swede Mason is back with his “brand new invention”, making everyone from Jon Snow to Daenerys Targaryen “rock the mic like a vandal”. 

“Seriously i think i just broke my computer making this,” the clip’s creator wrote on Twitter.

Perhaps he’s not exaggerating: it’s hard to even imagine how many hours of footage you have to get Tyrion Lannister to say “check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.”

But boy was it worth it. 


Game of Thrones returns to HBO on Sunday 16th July, and to Sky Atlantic in the UK on Monday 17th July