Home and Away: VJ kisses Olivia – new pics

The teen is on a downward spiral after losing baby Luc


Home and Away hunk VJ Patterson makes a drunken play for pal Olivia Fraser Richards in upcoming episodes – leading to a fight with Olivia’s fella Hunter King.


There’s a reason behind VJ’s behaviour, however, as he’s reeling from handing over stepdaughter Luc to Ash, following the court’s decision to grant the baby’s uncle interim custody.


Olivia and Hunter do their best to cheer up the po-faced Patterson with some cupcakes, but VJ’s not in the mood. Eventually forced to go to lunch with his well-meaning mates, VJ hits the bottle hard, downing the beers and growing increasingly belligerent.

As he begins to get abusive towards Hunter, Olivia attempts to keep him calm and suggests Hunter steps away to leave VJ to cool down while she deals with the distressed stepdad.


But several drinks in and VJ starts to get amorous, slurring at Olivia how different things could’ve been between them before leaning in for a kiss.

Stunned Olivia pushes him away and rails at VJ for trying it on – leading to a showdown between VJ and hot-headed Hunter on the beach. A fight breaks out between the lads and Olivia is forced to step in, but she goes ballistic at her boyfriend for brawling with his bezzie.


Has VJ’s drunken moment caused a rift between Olivia and Hunter? Can anyone help VJ in his hour of need after losing Luc?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Wednesday 7 June on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.