Games of Thrones star Iain Glen: I’d be happy to see Westeros ruled by women

Actor who plays Ser Jorah Mormont admits there is one female Thrones character he’d prefer to be pre-eminent at the close


As Game of Thrones’ lovelorn swordsman Ser Jorah Mormont, Iain Glen has exchanged many a melting look towards his character’s true love.


Yes, the Daenerys Jorah love story may be one way, but it is one of the most affecting narratives in the whole series.

And Glen, who is starring in Sky 1 drama Delicious tonight, admits that he would be happy to see a female-led Westeros when the show finishes in 2018.

“Yes it depends what women of course but that could be a very satisfying end. I would happily welcome that,” he said. “If Daenerys is sitting on that Iron Throne and I am by her aside I would be very happy.”

Glen’s new character in Delicious is Leo Vincent, a randy cook who is having an affair with his ex wife Gina (Dawn French) while still being happily married to new bride Sam (Emilia Fox).

Asked if these roles reflect his own romantic nature he told us: “I probably am quite romantic. I would certainly say I prefer female company in friendships. I am very drawn to the feminine personalities. I think they are more sensitive. They are more sensitised. They are more altruistic by nature. I think they are more instinctively in touch with their emotions. [Women] have a tendency to value each other through work, they are much more work-oriented. I don’t think I feel that way. I am making sweeping statements I know….

“Mostly my friends are women not exclusively at all. I love women and feminine traits. They are definitely the better of sexes. I feel lucky because I don’t feel I have been particularly cast in any type of character but I certainly enjoy romance and playing romance. I suppose Game of Thrones is a more serious romance in some ways.”

But how will the emotional star feel when the show comes to an end?

“Definitely he mother of dragons is moving to colder climes, I think. It’s been a big part of my life for nearly a decade and I wail feel very strange when it goes, I will feel a little bereft.”

And will Jorah survive? Or will the dreaded Greyscale get him?

“Suffice to say everyone on the show hopes they will stay alive.

“Greyscale may well get him but I am hoping not but we will have to see. Whatever happens I feel I have lucked out I have done very well.”


Delicious airs on Sky1 on Friday December 30 at 9pm