Was this Game of Thrones scene inspired by The IT Crowd?

Why didn't King Tommen just turn King's Landing on and off again?


Amidst all the twists, turns, reveals, deaths and HUGE, AMAZING WILDFIRE EXPLOSIONS, there was something a bit familiar about the series six finale of Game of Thrones. Namely, this scene. 


Now, depending on how you feel about it, this was either the tragic end of a naive boy king, or a stroke of dark, comedic genius. Tommen, carefully removing his crown, casually walking out of shot, casually walking back into shot, and then – as if it was totally normal – jumping out of the window. It was less a death, and more of a punchline. 

But where have we seen it before? Well, of course, as one Twitter user pointed out, it’s very similar to a scene in Channel 4’s The IT Crowd.

In case you’re not familiar, it’s the bit where Denholm Reynholm finds out that he’s being investigated for “irregularities in the pension fund.” Watch the full scene below. 


RIP Tommen. Unlike Reynholm, you were definitely not, “the greatest man in the world!”