Maisie Williams just completely shut down a Game of Thrones fan theory

You know that character you were hoping was alive? Well, he isn't...


There’s this Game of Thrones character who appeared to meet a sticky end, but we’ve always secretly hoped he’s actually still alive. And, for once, we’re not talking about Jon Snow. 


We’re talking about Syrio Forel, Arya Stark’s ‘dance teacher’ in season one. He was a master swordsman originally from Braavos, where Arya currently resides. He seemingly sacrificed himself to protect the young Stark when Ser Meryn Trant and his Kingsguard came to take her into custody. 

Arya has since taken revenge for Syrio’s death by killing Meryan Trant. But Syrio’s death actually happened off screen. And since we didn’t see the dance instructor die with our own eyes, we’ve always hoped he’s still alive…

Even Maisie Williams, who plays Arya was convinced we hadn’t seen the last of him. “I always was like, ‘Oh, no, I feel like he’s still alive,'” she explained recently to IGN. “I always had my own theory that he and Jaqen [H’ghar] were the same person.”

However, the 18-year-old shared her theory with Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss. And they shut it down completely, telling her: “No, he is dead.”

“I was like, ‘Oh, OK,” Williams continued. “So that put that to bed really quickly, but I guess we can all still dream!”


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