Someone tried really hard to sort the Doctors into Hogwarts Houses

Doctor Who meets Harry Potter – but Who found themselves in Slytherin?


What Hogwarts house would your favourite Doctor be in? It’s a fantasy crossover question that’s puzzled at least some Doctor Who fans over the years. Now a group of them have come together to answer it.


During a special Doctor Who: Sorting Hat panel at a recent fan convention, a group of Whovians tried to work out which Hogwarts houses the Time Lords belonged to.

The results were… rather interesting, but fairly well thought out, so LegoK9 (who attended) decided to share them on Reddit. We, in turn, thought we’d share it with you, if only to open up the debate a little.

Sorting Doctor Who in Hogwarts Houses

The First Doctor, the group deduced, had to be a Ravenclaw, as he liked to do things “by the book”.

Two had to a Gryffindor, because he was willing to go to the far corners of the universe to fight things that might post a threat.

The Third Doctor had to be a Ravenclaw because he was always doing experiments.

Four was a Gryffindor, because he knew bravery sometimes required mercy, and Five had to be a Hufflepuff based on his willingness to sacrifice himself to keep his friends safe.

The Sixth Doctor wound up in Slytherin for that “infamous choking scene”, and for lines like, “Small though it is, the human brain can be quite effective when working at full efficiency, not unlike myself.” Poor Colin Baker.

Seven meanwhile, with his sometimes “cold and calculating” demeanour, was placed in Ravenclaw, and the Eighth Doctor was a Gryffindor, because he wasn’t worried about a little thing called pain.

With that lot safely sorted into their houses it was time to move on to the NuWho crew.

They began with John Hurt’s War Doctor, who was sent to Hufflepuff for his displays of loyalty, while Nine’s determination to save Rose, no matter the cost, landed him a spot in Gryffindor.

Ten, the “Time Lord Victorious” in his own words, went straight to Slytherin because he could “do so much more”. Shocking? Perhaps – but then again, David Tennant did play Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter films, so the symmetry is impressive.

Eleven’s unrelenting loyalty to Amy Pond landed him in Hufflepuff. “Eleven has his own brand of Loyalty, and it is an undying one,” , LegoK9 explained. “He rewrote Kazran Sardick’s life, arguably for the better, to save the lives of Amy and Rory, along with 4001 other people.”

And as for Twelve? Well, the “egomaniac, needy, game-player sort of person” was heading straight for the Slytherin dungeon.


Do you think the Doctors have been sorted fairly? As with all these hypothetical questions, this isn’t the end of the debate. It’s just the beginning…