Kit Harington on the unseen Game of Thrones pilot: “It really didn’t work – I had a horrible wig”

"It's in some back room somewhere, and I'd like it to stay there!" says the star of the unreleased episode


The Game of Thrones pilot is as much of a legend as many of the tales of Westeros. Unbroadcast and unseen, it starred a different Daenerys (Tamzin Merchant), among other actors who didn’t make the cut, and only snippets of it survive in the heavily reshot first episode that viewers eventually saw.


Perhaps there’s a reason producers David Benioff and DB Weiss have chosen not to unleash it on the world. Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, certainly thinks so… 

“The pilot really didn’t work,” Harington told Bill Turnbull on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning.

“No one’s ever seen it, it’s in some back room somewhere, and I’d like it to stay there!”

Perhaps Harington has ulterior motives for wanting the pilot to remain buried, though, admitting “I had a horrible wig on”.


Meanwhile, the star remained as coy as ever about his involvement in the upcoming sixth series of Game of Thrones, but did tell Turnbull “It’s going to be a very exciting season… so I’m led to believe.”