Did you spot the tribute to John Thaw in Inspector Morse spin-off Lewis?

The clue is hidden in the name of Laurence Fox’s character James Hathaway

Classic crime drama Inspector Morse may have ended 15 years ago, but the series lives on in two spin-offs (sequel Lewis and prequel Endeavour), as well as the memories of its many fans.


However, there’s a tribute to Morse actor John Thaw that you may not have noticed, hidden away in the name of a lead character in Lewis – Laurence Fox’s James Hathaway, sidekick to Lewis himself.

Speaking at the Radio Times Festival today, Russell Lewis (who has written for Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour over the years) told fans: “There are an interesting four letters in Hathaway’s name.” We’re going to go ahead and guess he meant these:


See what they did there? This isn’t the first time that John Thaw’s name has snuck into a Morse spin-off either – in the pilot for Endeavour, the actor’s daughter Abigail played the part of journalist Dorothea Frazil.

Pretty innocuous, right? Wrong – the name ‘D Frazil’ is actually a bit of a crossword clue of the type Morse was fond of – Frazil is a type of ice, so de-ice is to Thaw.

Mysteries upon mysteries – we’re sure Morse himself would thoroughly approve.



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