Who is Billie JD Porter?

Here's the low down on the presenter, model and DJ...


Who is Billie JD Porter?

The 23-year-old presenter of new BBC documentary series Secrets of China, whose big TV break came in 2011 with Channel 4’s Joy of Teen Sex for which she acted as a roving reporter, delving into teens’ bedroom antics. She also made BBC3’s Secrets of South America in which she explored the culture of South America through attitudes to sex, money and beauty.


Has she always been a TV presenter?

No, she’s does lots of different things. She started out as a music journalist for NME, Vice and Dazed and Confused, as well as making online shows for Vice TV on beauty pageants, prostitution and superfans. “I try to avoid moralising,” she’s says. “I think that a lot of ‘yoof’ programming can be patronising or has to have a  ‘lesson’ at the bed— but life isn’t like that.”  She also DJs and is also often features in fashion magazines as a model or style inspiration.

What other programmes has she made recently that I could watch?

Check out eye-opening BBC3 documentary Prostitution What’s the Harm? on BBC iPlayer in which she talked to the young men who pay for sex and to the young women who sell their bodies.

Secrets of China is on BBC3 at 9pm on Tuesday 25th August


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