What should I watch? Suits

Are top lawyers really like this? Who cares?

Fantasy TV isn’t confined to Game of Thrones. The title can be applied to any US series set in a workplace. Are hospitals really like Grey’s Anatomy? Advertising agencies like Mad Men? I think not. Perhaps the worst, or best, offender is Suits, which purports to show the life of New York lawyers but is more concerned with being the slickest American legal drama since LA Law.


This really is fantasy viewing. It’s a high-gloss world of shiny offices and dresses so form-fitting, none of the female cast can ever sit down.

Our title-sequence heroes are ace legal “closer” Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) – king of the elegant put-down – and the Robin to his Batman, Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams), a drop-out drug-dealer who impresses the cynical Harvey with his legal smarts and is taken on by him as an associate.

Much pleasure lies in the convoluted tortures they go through to avoid people finding out Mike’s a fraud, while their ongoing master-student banter never stops zinging.

So far we’ve seen boardroom coups, romantic entanglements, moral dilemmas and deaths, with law itself frequently taking second place.

Suits offers much more than just two handsome devils cutting a swathe through courtrooms and bedrooms though. The three main female characters (CEO, paralegal and PA) may be astonishingly well turned out, but they’re as multi-dimensional as their male rivals.

And the show has one of the best supporting characters on TV in Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), a needy, neurotic but hilarious lawyer, desperate to be Harvey’s equal but doomed always to fall just a little bit short.

Suits is funny, occasionally moving, cleverly plotted and cast, and it looks fabulous. If you yearn for TV to help you escape from the humdrum, this is your fantasy made real. 


Suits series 1-3 is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Series 4 is available on blinkbox and iTunes

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