What we know so far about The Affair season 2

*SPOILERS* After that dramatic finale, we urgently want answers. So here's a glimpse at what we'll be seeing in the next series...

That quaint lobster roll restaurant where it all began seems a world away now, doesn’t it? Season one of The Affair ended on a highly dramatic note, with police arresting Noah (Dominic West) for Scotty’s (Colin Donnell) murder just as he was settling down on the sofa of his NYC apartment with Alison (Ruth Wilson) and their child. 


But did he run Scotty over? We don’t know what truly happened and, given how many secrets the characters are hiding, there must be so much more to find out about those fateful events that started on a Montauk holiday. What we do know is that we’ll get answers in the second series of the show, which will air in the US in October this year.

From the trailer it’s clear that season two starts where season one finished. Cole (Joshua Jackson) has tracked down Alison in New York, but she tells him “I think you should leave”. 

Noah hasn’t been sentenced yet and his bail is set at $500,000, which suggests he won’t necessarily be behind bars at all. Did he even do it?

Helen (Maura Tierney) is clearly on the war path and doesn’t want Alison “anywhere near” her kids. 

And unsurprisingly, given the fall outs and betrayals in season one, cupid doesn’t look like he’s having much success. As Alison says chillingly in the trailer: “Do you honestly think things turn out for the best? That true love conquers all?”

Our own detective work aside, here’s what we definitely know about the series from creator Sarah Treem, who spoke to Entertainment Weekly.

We have more of the past to see before we get to the present, which means there’s more to the events leading up to Scotty’s death than we’ve seen so far. 

We might hear Cole and Helen’s split narratives to get their side of the story. In December last year, Treem said: “It’s all still very much theoretical, but that’s the idea in my head at this point.” That would add a whole new intriguing and complex dimension to the story.

Noah can’t be put away in the slammer quite yet. “If you think about the evidence the detective is arresting Noah on, he doesn’t actually have much to go on. So he needs more. It’s circumstantial, what he’s arresting Noah on right now. It’s not conclusive. We’re going to watch that detective do more work to figure out what actually happened.”

We will find out the truth about the crime, not just Noah and Alison’s versions of the story. “In my mind, in terms of what the truth of the crime itself at the end, I think we need to and we are going to see that and understand what happened there objectively.”

Phew! Because all that subjective memory makes everything agonisingly mysterious, and we all need a bit of certainty in this world.


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