The Interceptor: Meet the cast

So who are Ash, Tommy, Cartwright and co, and what is Trevor Eve up to as the villainous Roach in the new BBC1 cop show?


A new BBC1 series starts tonight, pitting a team of investigators who play the long game when it comes to nabbing villains.


And when one of the baddies is a truly nasty Trevor Eve they need to be on their game…

So who exactly are these crime-fighting superstars in the new BBC1 drama The Interceptor, the investigators who have chosen to dedicate their lives to hunting down Britain’s most dangerous criminals the clever and smart way?

The good men and women of the UNIT, state-of-the-art law enforcement team, don’t just blunder in there, you see. Oh no. The interceptors are cannier than that. They probe and prod, collecting evidence – mainly through surveillance – so they can get the people at the top of the criminal food chain.

And here they main players.

Ash (O-T Fagbenle)

Ash is a former customs cop whose dream of bringing down the biggest fish in the criminal underworld comes a step closer when he’s recruited to the UNIT. He’s hired because his knowledge of the street could be priceless. He has a habit of being reckless, but at least he’s on the side of good. A terrible childhood experience means he really, REALLY hates villains and will do what he can to bring them down. Much to the consternation of his beloved, but long-suffering wife who worries that he will get hurt…

Where have you seen him before?

O-T Fagbenle had pivotal roles in the dramas Looking (as musician Frank) and in Sky’s cop show Thorne, but his breakthrough part was as First World War soldier Walter Tull in the much-praised BBC period drama Walter’s War.

Lorna (Jo Joyner)

Lorna is Ash’s feisty wife and mother to their two children. She and Ash married young. She fell for the good-looking bad boy when they were both at school – possibly as a rebellion against her policeman dad. She understands Ash’s need for a buzz in his working life – as well as the dangers of a copper’s life which he does his best to shield her from…

Where have you seen her before?

Jo Joyner has had roles in Ordinary Lies and Trying Again but is best known for playing Tanya Branning, the no-nonsense Branning matriarch in EastEnders.

Tommy (Robert Lonsdale)

Ash’s irreverent and adrenaline-loving partner and best mate, Tommy follows him into the UNIT but soon becomes frustrated by the quiet, office-bound nature of the job. He’s one of life’s action heroes, not a natural eavesdropper. But he has a good ear for the street slang used by the villains, which makes him invaluable to the team. 

Where have you seen him before?

Robert Lonsdale has enjoyed parts in dramas such as Heartbeat and Silent Witness but this is his first major TV role.

Kim (Anna Skellern)

The daughter of a senior NATO officer and sister to three soldier brothers, she is at ease in male company and has a strong sense of service. A highly competent officer, her most obvious flaw is her weakness for bad-boy boyfriends – and as we will discover throughout the course of the series, her love life is a bit messy.

Where have you seen her before?

Aussie actress Anna played lesbian Ellie in E4 sitcom Drifters and Lexy Price in series two of Lip Service on BBC3.

Cartwright (Ewan Stewart)

Fired by his belief that as long as there are drugs, there will be criminal activity around 
them, boss Cartwright has dedicated his life to targeting the whole criminal business rather than individuals in order to make a serious dent in the operations of seriously bad people. He thinks the UNIT, which he leads, can do something to stop that – as long as Ash tows the line.

Where have you seen him before?

You may recall his part as First Office Murdoch in the blockbuster Titanic. He also popped up in the Irvine Welsh film Ecstasy – and is known to Only Fools and Horses fans for playing Dr Robbie Meadows, Del Boy’s onetime GP in the episode Sickness and Wealth.

Roach (Trevor Eve)

The apparently respectable golf-playing businessman is a baddie – an interesting departure for the actor whose parts tend to be on the right side of the law. Charismatic, ruthless and dangerous, Roach was born in the East End and is at home in the duck­-and-­dive world of his upbringing. His criminal tentacles spread to dozens of front businesses, all used in the movement of drugs and money, and creating a puzzle of paper trails. It is the UNIT’s job to untangle them.

Where have you seen him before?

The TV veteran has played leads in a variety of dramas including Death Comes To Pemberley and long-runner Waking The Dead.


The Interceptor begins on BBC1 on Wednesday June 10th at 9pm